RV Living Quarterly Report (September 2019)

Since losing our home, and being displaced by the Paradise Camp Fire (11/08/18), our family of 5 has been living, full-time, in our 35-ft motorhome. It's our 9 month Winnebago anniversary today! You can click on any words that are blue in this post to go to the post about that particular place or activity. … Continue reading RV Living Quarterly Report (September 2019)

Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

There are 25 Big Boots in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We found and photographed 15 of them for you. S really wanted to find all 25. In the end, we just ran outta time! I like boots, I like unique artwork, and I like scavenger hunts. This project was lots of fun for us! I hope you … Continue reading Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Memory Verse Monday

Hi there everyone! I know that it's Tuesday today, and this post is a day late. I've been having a really tough time the past few days, and I slacked on school yesterday. E and I are feeling like we'd really like to settle down and move into a regular house and start rebuilding a … Continue reading Memory Verse Monday

Morning Time in Our RV

Happy first day of school everyone! If you're all done with school in your household, happy random Monday in the middle of August to you! If you already started school or haven't started yet, consider this wish belated or early! Today was the perfect time to add "morning time" back into our daily homeschool/road-school routine. … Continue reading Morning Time in Our RV

One Of These Days – A Song About The Paradise Camp Fire

I just came across this song about the Paradise Camp Fire and wanted to share it. *Please be advised that the lyrics contain a mild expletive. https://www.npr.org/2018/12/13/676226073/a-song-of-tribute-to-the-lost-town-of-paradise Here's the song in a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/_f_SDSBP_dk We ❤️ Paradise.

Gold Tried By The Camp Fire

Here is the story of my childhood neighbors surviving the Paradise, California Camp Fire 11/08/18. Too late to evacuate, they watched their home burn to the ground from the front lawn with their 5-year-old granddaughter. Dr. Niswonger took the photo above, it is my childhood home not long after my parents evacuated from it. http://www.fulcrum7.com/blog/2019/7/15/gold-tried-in-the-fire-literally  … Continue reading Gold Tried By The Camp Fire

Arches National Park & Portal RV Resort – Moab, Utah

Continuing our trek along Highway 50 (The Loneliest Road in America), we stayed just 2 nights in Moab, UT. Two nights was certainly not long enough to do it much justice. As my friend F.M. warned me, mid-July is not the best time of the year to visit Moab, UT. It's hot! The high temperature … Continue reading Arches National Park & Portal RV Resort – Moab, Utah

Great Basin National Park 🌌 & Sacramento Pass Rec. Area – Nevada

After surviving a Night at the Gas Station a few nights ago in Fallon, NV we decided to start our next destination drive a day early, swing by Great Basin National Park, and dry camp for the night. Dry camping wasn't really that big of deal, and it was nice to knock off a bit … Continue reading Great Basin National Park 🌌 & Sacramento Pass Rec. Area – Nevada

Ely KOA Journey & Northern Nevada Railway Museum – Ely, Nevada

This was our first stay at a KOA (Kampgrounds of America). We drove part of historic Highway 50, "The Loneliest Road in America", from Reno, Nevada to Ely (pronounced E-Lee), Nevada. Part of this road is also part of the Pony Express National Historic Trail. *Remind me that I want to get a map of … Continue reading Ely KOA Journey & Northern Nevada Railway Museum – Ely, Nevada