4th of July Charcuterie

Again, not technically a charcuterie since there is no meat, but such a fun snack board. Happy 4th of July friends!

Canada 🇨🇦 Day Charcuterie

I think, technically, to be a charcuterie, the board has to have meat and cheese. We did a sweet board and 2 savory boards, none of them have meat. Oh well, I still like calling them charcuterie because I practiced pronouncing the word so much! How to pronounce charcuterie Our friends invited us to their … Continue reading Canada 🇨🇦 Day Charcuterie

2-Day, 3-Night RV Meal Plan

We eat really simple food when we go camping with our travel trailer. Here’s what we brought with us on a recent 2-day/3-night weekend getaway to Yellowstone National Park. Just in case you don’t need help meal planning, and you are already done reading this post, let me give you my #1 tip for cooking … Continue reading 2-Day, 3-Night RV Meal Plan

Birthday Punch Recipe

My youngest son had a birthday this past week and he wanted “birthday punch”. Here’s the recipe we came up with and thought tasted amazing! We hope you try and enjoy it! 4 cups cranberry juice 1 and 1/2 cups orange juice 1/2 cup lemonade About 1 liter of Canada Dry ginger ale I made … Continue reading Birthday Punch Recipe

Yaks on the 5 – Scott’s Tots – Copycat Recipe

If you ever get a chance - you’ve gotta try Yaks on the 5. I recommend ordering the sticky buns, which come out first as an appetizer and Scott’s Tots from the Menu. Here’s my original post referencing the restaurant, The City of Mount Shasta, California. This recipe is my almost, could be vegan version … Continue reading Yaks on the 5 – Scott’s Tots – Copycat Recipe

May Snow & Fancy Bananas

We woke up to a snow dusted yard this morning (5/3/22). Bah humbug! front yard view backyard view I decided to make fancy bananas for a breakfast treat. Simply unwrap the ripe banana, lay it on a plate, slice it into discs, top with a generous amount of whipped cream and dust with cinnamon sugar. … Continue reading May Snow & Fancy Bananas

Edamame Dip Recipe

This falls into the category of “food I like so much I’d be happy to eat nothing else for the rest of my life”. I got the original recipe at a church sponsored vegan cooking class at Paradise SDA Church many years ago. Lots of my friends and family like it a lot. I hope … Continue reading Edamame Dip Recipe

Happy New Year Charcuterie – Wordless Wednesday

Christmas Tree Charcuterie – Wordless Wednesday

I found inspiration for this in the book, “Beautiful Boards” by Maegan Brown. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Reindeer Root Beer

Or sparkling apple juice if you prefer!