About the title “Heavens to Betty”

A kudos to my talented and creative mom, Betty.  She has been sewing, knitting, crocheting and crafting since before I was born.  I think she even converted her beloved sewing room into my nursery when I was a baby.  I know for sure she converted my room back to a sewing room as soon as I moved out!  She used to sew clothes for my sister and I when we were little.  Now that I have my own kiddos (3 total) she is perpetually making things for them.  They are super cool things.  Things that get constant comments from my friends and random passers by.  My kiddos aren’t allowed to wear the hats she knits when I go to Costco because it takes me too long to get through the store when every person I walk past wants to stop and ask me about their hand made accessories.  I tell her that she should sell this stuff online.  She refuses.  If I ever could convince her to do it I’d market her brand name as “Heavens to Betty”.  This is, obviously a reference to the phrase “Heavens to Betsy!”, which is an expression one exclaims in mild surprise. For example, “Your grandma made you that hat!  Well, Heavens to Betsy, I’d never have guessed it!” 

Additionally, if I were to describe my life as a homeschooling mama with three kids, I would say that it is a continuous stream of “mild surprises”!

Thank you for stopping by my blog I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the honor of being included in your blog name. It has been a joy to create for many people over the years, but I am currently finding GREAT JOY in creating for your kids. I Love You. Mom

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