2017 Winnebago Vista For Sale

The police just came to our front door to inform us that we can’t park our RV on the street in front of our rental house. Apparently, someone complained about it, and there is a city ordinance we were unaware of. We have 24 hours to move it. This was our home for 10 months … Continue reading 2017 Winnebago Vista For Sale

Homeschool Summer ☀️ School

The official last day of school for our charter school was May 22. We are still running a little behind in our studies. The Camp Fire set our oldest 2 kiddos (ages 10 & 7) back by a good 6 months and we still haven’t quite caught up yet. Our youngest was in Kindergarten this … Continue reading Homeschool Summer ☀️ School

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My guest photographer for this post is my younger sister. This is part of her new rose garden. She recently planted 22 rose bushes in front of her house. Unfortunately, a passerby stole these ones the day after she took the photo. It appears as though she may be unintentionally providing a community service... 🌹

Storm’s A-Brewin’

I hope you enjoy the results of an impromptu photo shoot I did yesterday. “Thank You” to my husband for putting aside the things that “needed” to be done and taking us on a mini field trip to drive RC toys. “Thank You” to the train engineer for blowing the whistle for us. Small acts … Continue reading Storm’s A-Brewin’

Zoom Birthday 🎂 for Kids

My youngest son recently celebrated his 6th birthday. We had been planning a trip to Legoland, California to celebrate but COVID-19 disrupted that plan. I felt bad for my little boy who had been looking forward to his big birthday celebration for months. He took the news really well, but my mama heart still felt … Continue reading Zoom Birthday 🎂 for Kids

Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

One of our first projects in our new home is to repaint the entire interior. The current paint is all white and begging for a fresh coat. There’s lots of this type of thing going on We’ve repainted home interiors 2x before and we’ve been very happy with Sherwin Williams paint. In the past, we … Continue reading Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

Happy Mother’s Day! 🌷

After a lovely traditional Mother’s Day brunch, complete with cinnamon rolls, orange juice and breakfast burritos, we headed to our new house for a family DIY project. Mother’s Day Brunch My mind has been a little preoccupied with whitewashing the lava rock fireplace before we put in the new paint and new flooring. Our 2nd … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day! 🌷

Grown-up Book of the Month (May 2020)

I’m still working on Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks from last month. I’m adding a new book this month too, Homebody by Joanna Gains. If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you know that we’re doing a little remodeling on our new home and I’m hoping that this month’s book is going to … Continue reading Grown-up Book of the Month (May 2020)

Do We Have What it Takes to Take on a Fixer-Upper?

We just bought our 5th home in 12 years of marriage! Four of our homes were “fixer-uppers”. We really don’t intend on buying “fixers”, or buying and selling houses so often. It’s just always worked out that way for some reason or another. For anyone who doesn’t know, we lost our home in the Paradise … Continue reading Do We Have What it Takes to Take on a Fixer-Upper?