Avocado Naan Recipe

My husband and I are kind of obsessed with this super-easy, semi-healthy snack/meal lately. It’s a lunchtime staple because it’s so quick, filling and luxurious. It make me feel like I’m getting something from a posh little cafe when we’re in between reducing fractions and reading aloud. It’s inspired by a dish we often order … Continue reading Avocado Naan Recipe

Homeschool Mama Spring Apparel Thrifting

Well friends, Spring Semester 2021 is dragging like something awfully draggy. Is it summer yet? The weather here is just too nice to stay inside and work on schoolwork! Maybe some new digs will motivate me to motivate my kiddos/students... I gotta start this off by telling you that I'm really not in tune with … Continue reading Homeschool Mama Spring Apparel Thrifting

South Yuba River State Park, California

One of our family/homeschool values is getting out into nature and exploring new places. We took a day trip to South Yuba River State Park this past Sabbath. It was great weather and we were delighted by the crystal clear river. There was a lot of scrambling on river rocks/boulders. We hiked along The Buttermilk … Continue reading South Yuba River State Park, California

The First Daffodil of Spring

The kiddos and I planted daffodil bulbs on the 2 year anniversary of the Camp Fire. We’re so excited that they have all sprouted and this first one has bloomed! Happy Spring!

Homeschool Supply Thrifting

Hi there friends! I hope you are doing well, and that you enjoy this post about how to get a few more extras for your homeschool on a budget. I wrote another post a while ago about Goodwill & Thrift Store Shopping Tips which are relevant here, so be sure to click the link and check … Continue reading Homeschool Supply Thrifting

The Good Dishes

Quite some time ago, I read an article in a magazine (before you could find everything you want to read online). Unfortunately, I have no ideas what the magazine was or who wrote the article. The author wrote about the passing of her mother, and finding “the good dishes” in one of her mother’s cupboards. … Continue reading The Good Dishes

Blog Break

Hi friends! I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m taking a blogging break for a bit. I hope to pick up blogging again in the future. Until then, seize the day, take risks, think critically, be kind, spread love, and most of all enjoy the great outdoors and the people you love!