Rabbit Science

My kiddos have spent the past week trying to catch this rabbit. I’m rooting for the bunny rabbit! So far, he has easily evaded all their attempts. They are working together as a team while hypothesizing and testing hypotheses. They are building various traps with Legos, cardboard, tape, string, etc. They are studying animal behaviors … Continue reading Rabbit Science

Thrifted Easter Dresses

So, technically, my 10-year-old daughter’s Easter dress from Costco last year still fits, but she loves dresses. She told me she didn’t need a new one this year, and that just made me want to get her a new one even more. We found these at the thrift store for a few dollars each. Everyone … Continue reading Thrifted Easter Dresses

Possum Box

Just got some free moving boxes at U-Haul. Should I be concerned that the people who last used this one labeled it “possum”? 😂

Magpie Building a Nest

We were blessed to observe 2 magpies building their nest of sticks for science class this week.

Coffee Punch Cards

My youngest two kiddos made coffee punch cards for my husband. They beg to make him coffee service and then hole-punch the decorated 3x5 cards.

Winter Reading Challenge

My kiddos and I just completed various levels of our library’s winter reading challenge. The challenge begins in late November and concludes in late February. It was a lot of fun! I’m so grateful for our librarians who put so much creativity into these fun programs! This particular challenge certainly makes the coldest part of … Continue reading Winter Reading Challenge

Friday Funnies – Pick Your Sign

Stop. Stop Eating Animals. Stop Eating Animals Without BBQ Sauce.