Home Church with Kids Ideas

With churches across the country canceling services, we decided to put together a little list of resources in case you want to do church at home with us! Opening Prayer: The Lord's Prayer - "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in … Continue reading Home Church with Kids Ideas

Lower Yosemite Falls – Yosemite National Park – California

Our recent trip to Yosemite was very special because we were able to meet up with some fellow displaced Camp Fire survivors. It was so wonderful to see our friends again! We had a wonderful time with them on a hike to Lower Yosemite falls and talked non-stop the entire afternoon. We still miss our … Continue reading Lower Yosemite Falls – Yosemite National Park – California

Wordless Wednesday

Yosemite National Park – California

We decided to take two mini vacations in February to test out the RV. After a great weekend at Olema Campground to check out Point Reyes National Seashore (2/7/20-2/10/20) we took a week off and then headed to Yosemite Lakes RV Resort to check out Yosemite National Park (2/21/20-2/24/20). We had a wonderful time on … Continue reading Yosemite National Park – California

Memory Verse Monday

So, I’ve really dropped the ball on our Bible verse memorization. I haven't done a "Memory Verse Monday" since January. Yikes! Obviously, I’m not perfect and sometimes my homeschool doesn’t run the way I’d envisioned it. Luckily, Jesus is big enough to make up for my shortcomings! Luckily, it’s a new month, a new week, … Continue reading Memory Verse Monday

Grown-up Book of the Month (March 2020)

You might remember that my first New Years' resolution in Gathering Great Goals for 2020 was to read one grown-up book per month. So far I'm on track with my reading goal, and I've finished 2 grown-up non-fiction books. In January I read - In February I read - Here's an excerpt from the book. … Continue reading Grown-up Book of the Month (March 2020)

Goodwill & Thrift Store Shopping Tips

I’m a big fan of shopping at thrift stores. Some of my top reasons to shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores are: Saving money as we replace our book, game and toy collectionsReducing our carbon footprint Giving back to our community Finding books and games that are retired, out of print, or no longer … Continue reading Goodwill & Thrift Store Shopping Tips

4-Day Weekend RV Menu

Menu planning is a skill that I occasionally work on and I'm certainly not adept at. My husband often requests that we have a better idea of what we're having for dinner. I've read that meal planning can be very helpful. There have been seasons where I made a much better effort at doing it. … Continue reading 4-Day Weekend RV Menu

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’m pretty sure that when the advertisement says “happy cows come from California”, they are referring to these cows grazing on ocean front pastures at Point Reyes National Seashore.