Birds of the Month: February – Magpie, March – Mourning Dove and April – Barn Owl

One of our art goals this homeschool year is to draw a bird every month. We recently moved. Moving is a lot of work. Moving ruins schedules and plans. Moving steals mama’s free time. But I’m not giving up my bird drawing goal, so we crammed our February and March birds in with April! Better … Continue reading Birds of the Month: February – Magpie, March – Mourning Dove and April – Barn Owl

Happy Earth Day

Looks like we might have a fruit tree… My plant identification app says pear or plum or cherry… Anyone have a guess?

April is National Poetry Month

Here are some of our favorite poetry related ideas and resources. I’m really liking these “write your own poems” workbooks by Usborne. The kiddos are learning about different types of poems with space for trying out the techniques. The illustrations are fun, colorful, and engaging. I have a very reluctant writer and though it has … Continue reading April is National Poetry Month

American Girl: Nanea 1941 – American History Unit Study

“Home had always been the safest place in the world. But within a few short hours, everything in Nanea’s life had been turned upside down. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying only to see the beautiful things… But all the images were edged in black.” The Spirit of Aloha page 40 Nanea is really wonderful … Continue reading American Girl: Nanea 1941 – American History Unit Study

Quail at the Tail End of Winter

Crystal Science

My good friend over at Sing Like Wildflowers inspired us to try a crystal science experiment. She even went so far as to send us our own crystal science kit as a gift! So sweet! If you haven’t met Esther you should! She’s salt of the earth (salt is a crystal)! She totally made our … Continue reading Crystal Science

Rabbit Science

My kiddos have spent the past week trying to catch this rabbit. I’m rooting for the bunny rabbit! So far, he has easily evaded all their attempts. They are working together as a team while hypothesizing and testing hypotheses. They are building various traps with Legos, cardboard, tape, string, etc. They are studying animal behaviors … Continue reading Rabbit Science