Idaho Botanical Gardens – Boise, Idaho

We took advantage of clear skies towards Boise and visited the Idaho Botanical Garden. It is located right next to the Old Idaho Penitentiary which made for some interesting juxtaposition. (btw, I'm so excited that I just used the word juxtaposition in my blog!!) The gardens were divided into themed sections. We visited in slightly … Continue reading Idaho Botanical Gardens – Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho

The weather in ID has been pretty erratic. There's been warm sun, cold rain, lightning and high wind just this week! Sometimes the weather changes quite suddenly. The kids and I had quite an adventure picking up E in the middle of a bike ride during a thunder storm. I'll tell you that story later... … Continue reading Boise, Idaho

What’s the Plan?

Recently, we've had several people ask us, "What is your plan?", or "Where are you going next?", or "Do you have an itinerary figured out?" It's such a straightforward, simple question. Why is it so difficult for me to answer? (long sigh) The short answer is, no. I sure wish we did though! We have … Continue reading What’s the Plan?

Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit

On our first visit to Bend, we had an eye exam scheduled for S at Elemental Eyecare. I mentioned in a previous post, that making medical appointments is difficult when we are living a nomadic lifestyle (see How you doin’? - After 4 Months of RV Living). I called several eye doctors in Bend, and … Continue reading Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit

Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

As part of B's 5th birthday celebration, we visited Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. *Fun fact: Deschutes means "falls" in French. Like Fancy Nancy says, everything is fancier in French! B says, "I'm the guard of my birthday and we're not doing school or taking showers and daddy's not working on … Continue reading Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Bend-Sunriver RV Campground, Oregon

Today we are leaving Bend-Sunriver RV Campground and headed East. Lake Siskiyou is a tough act to follow. There are no sewer hookups here. That's bad. We shortened our stay from 3 weeks to one because it's just too inconvenient for us. Kudos to everyone who boondocks! We packed in some fun activities and hikes … Continue reading Bend-Sunriver RV Campground, Oregon

Roadschooling: Homeschool on the Road in Our RV

Today, I'm excited to tell you about some of the curricula we are using for our homeschool turned RV-school. I'm not being paid or compensated for these recommendations. I just want to share what seems to be working well for us, in case you want to check it out. *If you aren't homeschooling I hope … Continue reading Roadschooling: Homeschool on the Road in Our RV

The City of Mount Shasta, California – Spring Visit

A few days ago, while we were "glamping" at Lake Siskiyou we went out to breakfast at "Yaks Koffee & Eatery", in The City of Mount Shasta, California. It was good food. Really, really good! Inside, none of the furniture matched but somehow it all "worked" together to create an instantly welcoming atmosphere. All of … Continue reading The City of Mount Shasta, California – Spring Visit

Lake Siskiyou, California

Happy Mother's Day everyone! For the past few months the kiddos have been begging us to take them camping. Hmmm... camping... Camping!?! Wait just a minute now. Don't we live in an RV traveling between campgrounds? Are you kidding me!?! Aren't we camping right now? Apparently, the full-time RV lifestyle doesn't count as camping. Apparently, … Continue reading Lake Siskiyou, California

“The Life-Changing Magic of Losing Our Stuff” or “Six Months After the Camp Fire”

I'm going to qualify this post with the fact that we didn't lose "everything". We have friends who literally lost Everything. I know we are very lucky because the kids and I were able to grab a few things when evacuated from the Camp Fire: A pre-packed emergency bag with toothbrushes, one change of underwear … Continue reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Losing Our Stuff” or “Six Months After the Camp Fire”