Oreo Cookie Houses

We found an Oreo cookie house kit and couldn’t resist a slight change from the traditional gingerbread kits. Here are the houses in our cookie subdivision.

A Beary Merry Christmas

My sister and I had this advent calendar growing up. Before Lego and Hot Wheels and Play-doh and Playmobil, etc., all came out with toy advent calendars, we got to move this bear around his fabric panel house. The bear has a snap on the back and all the places in the house have the … Continue reading A Beary Merry Christmas

Reindeer Root Beer

Or sparkling apple juice if you prefer!

The Mantel

When we moved into our new home this past October we knew we would eventually have to do something about “that mantel”. before Do you see how yellow it is? So, the basement flooded over Thanksgiving when the water softener malfunctioned and pumped approx. 150 gallons of water straight onto the floor in the middle … Continue reading The Mantel

Christmas School – The Snowman ⛄️

When I found out that a nearby symphony was performing a live musical score to the movie, “The Snowman”. It took away a bit of the sting of not finding any nearby performances of “The Nutcracker”, which has been an annual tradition for our family to attend the past 9 years or so. I decided … Continue reading Christmas School – The Snowman ⛄️

Lego Nativity – Wordless Wednesday

Christmas Coke Display – Friday Funnies

We were totally amazed when we walked into our local Broulim’s grocery store and saw this holiday train display!