Long Road Trip Survival Tips

We are a family that likes to travel. We like to explore new places and meet new people. We like to revisit favorite places and visit old friends. Sometimes we find ourselves on a long road trip to get wherever it is we want to go. Here are our road trip survival tips ranked in … Continue reading Long Road Trip Survival Tips

Hazel Autumn Leaf

We were so excited to find an example of a hazel leaf on a walk to the bookstore during an autumn rain shower. The Autumn Leaves by Wes Magee In autumn the trees wave in the wind and the leaves come tumbling down, down, down, down. Here they come, hundreds and thousands of leaves in … Continue reading Hazel Autumn Leaf

Nashville, Tennessee – Unit Study

We’ve got big news here at our homeschool, my husband and I decided that the kiddos and I are going to tag along on my husband’s work trip to Nashville this year! We are so excited! When an opportunity this this pops up, it dramatically changes our homeschool plans. We are totally dropping everything else … Continue reading Nashville, Tennessee – Unit Study

John James Audubon Unit Study + Storks + Owls

One of my goals for our homeschool this year, is to draw a different bird each month with the kiddos. To accompany my goal, I wanted us to learn about John James Audubon. Here are the books that I found at thrift stores for our mini unit study. I also purchased, Birds of Idaho Field … Continue reading John James Audubon Unit Study + Storks + Owls

Extreme Book Nerd for Kids 2022 – #2

Our middle daughter (age 10) recently completed the library's 2022 Extreme Book Nerd Challenge for Kids by reading 25 books (at least 100 pages long) in specific categories. She earned a paperless writing tablet just like her big brother. The challenge lists 26 categories, and she got to choose which category to skip. Here are … Continue reading Extreme Book Nerd for Kids 2022 – #2

Pumpkin – Wordless Wednesday

Almost Ripe – Wordless Wednesday