“Chasing Waves” – Mac Kerricher State Park – Fort Bragg, California

There are so many wildfires burning in California right now, and the air quality is so unhealthy from all the smoke. Several times these past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself wondering, “Why did we decide to move back to California anyway?” This past weekend, we decided to take our Minnie Winnie on its maiden … Continue reading “Chasing Waves” – Mac Kerricher State Park – Fort Bragg, California

Dollar Tree Treasure Hunt – Socks & Schultütes

I was inspired by fellow blogger, Betty, at Chambers on the Road (who recently posted Man Socks and Dollar Tree in the RV) to look for camping socks at the Dollar Tree. I’m happy to report that I finally found some! Camping & fox socks from the Dollar Tree After scoring these awesome socks, my … Continue reading Dollar Tree Treasure Hunt – Socks & Schultütes

First Day of Homeschool 2020

Today is our official first day of homeschool 2020! One of my favorite back-to-school traditions is taking back-to-school photos. I let the kiddos choose their own backgrounds this year. The kids’ t-shirts are from Carters.com and mine is from Etsy.com. I bought the chalkboard sign at Marshall’s last year. Enjoy! Our first day of school … Continue reading First Day of Homeschool 2020

Homeschool Plan 2020-2021

Where has the summer gone? It seems this summer (2020) has faded almost as quickly as the cool wet footprints on the hot dry sidewalk. I’m not quite ready to give it up yet. How about you? Did your summer fly by as fast as mine did? Our new hometown is hot during the summer … Continue reading Homeschool Plan 2020-2021

Back-to-School Meal Planning

My wonderful husband has long been requesting that I make a family meal plan again like I used to. Meal planning makes grocery shopping easier, saves money by reducing food waste, and eliminates the need for anyone to ask the question: “What’s for dinner?” Then, a recent visit from my friend L.T. led to a … Continue reading Back-to-School Meal Planning

Sierra Discovery Trail – Nevada City, California

“Mommy this is not a hike, this is an adventure!”B (age 6) Located in Nevada City, California, this easy 2-mile loop trail is perfect for families. There are informational sign posts all along the way for educational credit as well. Natural Science lesson ✅ If you’d like to see photos and read about the Sierra … Continue reading Sierra Discovery Trail – Nevada City, California

Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

So, I skipped a couple months of my 2020 Goal to read one grown-up book per month. I’m getting back in the saddle this month. I’m in the mood for a nice, light, entertaining book to finish off the summer before school starts. I feel like we’ve been really busy lately... I unpacked a bunch … Continue reading Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – ESSENTIAL TIPS & TOOLS – RV Essentials & Toys for Kids

This week's Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. The theme this week is Essential Tips & Tools so I've decided to combine and re-post two posts that I wrote over a year ago: 17 Essential Items for Living in Your RV and The 10 Best RV Toys For Kids. Thanks … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – ESSENTIAL TIPS & TOOLS – RV Essentials & Toys for Kids

Homeschool Summer ☀️ School Incentive Store

Since my kiddos were less than thrilled about my Summer School plan to get caught up. I decided to up the ante on our incentives with a super-fun Summer School Store. I decided that we would make our own play money to earn and use to make purchases, I’m calling them “sun coins”. I’ve seen … Continue reading Homeschool Summer ☀️ School Incentive Store