Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

On a recent expedition to retrieve homeschool supplies from the Dollar ($1.25) Tree, I stumbled upon these adorable tin prayer boxes. Upon opening the tin, I discovered a Bible verse on the inside lid, a tiny pad of paper that matches the box and a tiny mechanical pencil. They are seriously so cute! I picked … Continue reading Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

Back-to-Homeschool Mama Gift Bag 2022

My neighbor decided to start her first year of homeschooling this year. Her daughter is entering 7th grade. She is feeling a bit apprehensive so I made her a little gift bag of encouragement. I found a cute canvas teacher tote bag with a tassel at TJ Maxx on clearance for $4. I filled the … Continue reading Back-to-Homeschool Mama Gift Bag 2022

12 Favorite Uncommon Homeschool Supplies

We try to be resourceful homeschoolers and like to find opportunities to learn all around us. Learning opportunities can come from many places and are often a complete surprise. In honor of back-to-school planning and shopping season, here are my favorite items that you might not have considered yet. These were some of our most … Continue reading 12 Favorite Uncommon Homeschool Supplies

Camp MiVoden – Family Camp

We were excited to have the opportunity to attend family camp at MiVoden on beautiful Hayden Lake. Family camp is like a sleep away summer camp but for the whole family instead of just for kiddos. We jam packed our week with many of the fun activities offered at the camp. There were lots of … Continue reading Camp MiVoden – Family Camp

Children’s Entrepreneur Fair

My kiddos were absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to participate in a Children’s Entrepreneur Fair. They’ve been working hard for the past few months making hand loom knit hats in 3 sizes. They finished a total of 36 hats for the fair. Parents were not allowed to help make the products for the event and … Continue reading Children’s Entrepreneur Fair

Rabbit Hole Homeschooling – John Philip Duck

When Lewis Carrol wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” he described falling into a rabbit hole and discovering a whole new world on accident. Although the phase has several connotations, what I mean by this metaphor is: accidentally falling into a line of study that becomes engrossing and leads us down a path we didn’t foresee. … Continue reading Rabbit Hole Homeschooling – John Philip Duck

4th of July Charcuterie

Again, not technically a charcuterie since there is no meat, but such a fun snack board. Happy 4th of July friends!

Canada 🇨🇦 Day Charcuterie

I think, technically, to be a charcuterie, the board has to have meat and cheese. We did a sweet board and 2 savory boards, none of them have meat. Oh well, I still like calling them charcuterie because I practiced pronouncing the word so much! How to pronounce charcuterie Our friends invited us to their … Continue reading Canada 🇨🇦 Day Charcuterie

Paddington – Wordless Wednesday

8 More Super-Tips for Camping With Kiddos

Fellow blogger, Betty, over at Chambers on the Road gave me the idea to write a post about 10 Awesome Camping Activities for Kids last season (2021). Then fellow blogger, LR, over at Returning to Paradise reminded me that I’d missed a couple great ideas so here’s part 2, with 8 more ideas for your … Continue reading 8 More Super-Tips for Camping With Kiddos