North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

The snow is finally melting. It has been a long, cold, bleak winter. I have had a difficult month. We must get out-of-doors. Time for an adventure. good fences make good neighbors juniper a rocky assent chain assist + last remains of winter snow summit craggy rocks Does anyone know what this purple plant is? … Continue reading North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

Spring Semester Thrift Haul

There’s nothing like retail therapy, am I right friends? I just had to show you my most recent thrifting haul from Deseret Industries. I hope to inspire you to check out a thrift store near you and see what homeschooling treasures you find! Games ($2 each) I had this same version of outburst Junior when … Continue reading Spring Semester Thrift Haul

Book Spine Poetry – March

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles, By Lantern Light, One Morning in Maine.

Book Spine Poetry – February

How Do I Love You? Strong and Good, Ever Faithful, No Better Friend, Wildheart.

Cupcakes and More Award 🧁

Our church has its own scouting type of club. It’s kind of like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts but with a religious emphasis. The younger kids (up to 4th grade) are called Adventurers and the older kids (5th grade - high school) are called Pathfinders. The clubs are co-ed and the boys and girls are … Continue reading Cupcakes and More Award 🧁

Fresh California Citrus

pomelo, grapefruit, (back row left to right) Meyer lemon, naval orange, blood orange, (middle row left to right) mandarin orange (front center) We moved to Idaho in September 2021. I miss the California weather and the delicious produce that is a product of that warm weather. A recent visit to California (January 2022) brought us … Continue reading Fresh California Citrus