Great Basin National Park 🌌 & Sacramento Pass Rec. Area – Nevada

After surviving a Night at the Gas Station a few nights ago in Fallon, NV we decided to start our next destination drive a day early, swing by Great Basin National Park, and dry camp for the night. Dry camping wasn't really that big of deal, and it was nice to knock off a bit … Continue reading Great Basin National Park 🌌 & Sacramento Pass Rec. Area – Nevada

Kings Canyon Waterfall – Carson City, Nevada

We haven't been on a hike in awhile and a Google search of "hiking for kids" in this area recommended Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail. It was 0.3 mile in and 0.3 mile out. That was really all K could handle today so it worked out pretty well. We got to ford a creek to get … Continue reading Kings Canyon Waterfall – Carson City, Nevada

Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho

Sunny skies and cooler temps made perfect weather for a day trip to Bruneau Dunes State Park (pronounced "Bruno"). Located in southern Idaho, this state park boasts North America's highest single-structured sand dune (about 470 feet high). This visit was E's belated birthday activity and we rented a sand-board to try out a new sport. … Continue reading Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho

Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho

Finally, we're having a sunny weekend with no storms looming in the distance. We were able to check out Thousand Springs State Park near Hagerman, Idaho. This state park is made up of 5 units. We managed to visit 4 out of 5 on our waterfall hunt yesterday. The adventure was mostly driving, with very … Continue reading Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho

Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

As part of B's 5th birthday celebration, we visited Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. *Fun fact: Deschutes means "falls" in French. Like Fancy Nancy says, everything is fancier in French! B says, "I'm the guard of my birthday and we're not doing school or taking showers and daddy's not working on … Continue reading Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Joshua Tree National Park, California

We visited Joshua Tree National Park 3 times in February & March while we were staying at Sam's Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Do you know how Joshua trees got their name? I didn't. My google-research indicated that the name came from a group of Mormons who thought that the unique trees looked … Continue reading Joshua Tree National Park, California

Pinnacles National Park – California

Yesterday we went to Pinnacles National Park for a Sabbath morning hike. Per the Ranger's suggestion, we hiked the Bear Gulch Cave loop (3 miles). There was water on the cave floor in some places and a small waterfall which sounded bigger than it looked. Talk about a hidden gem. It was amazing. I am … Continue reading Pinnacles National Park – California