Mailbox – Friday Funnies

Let me start by saying this is my mailbox, so it’s OK for me to make the joke.You might be a redneck if… You attach the mailbox to its post using bungee cords! Happy Friday the 13th friends!

Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Found this 8ft bookshelf at Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store for $70. Found the ladder (which is hinged and folds into a chair) at Deseret Industries thrift store for $40. Finally having a place to put my book collection - priceless! Update 5/12/22: Since setting up our home library with 2 bookcases, the one shown … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to Me

From a Distance

By Bette Midler From a distanceThe world looks blue and greenAnd the snow capped mountains white From a distanceThe ocean meets the streamAnd the eagle takes to flight From a distanceThere is harmonyAnd it echoes through the land It's the voice of hopeIt's the voice of peaceIt's the voice of every man From a distanceWe … Continue reading From a Distance

Austrian Pine

We bought an Austrian Pine. I named him Captain Von Trapp.

Knitting Loom – Wordless Wednesday

Thrifted Yarn & Basket – Wordless Wednesday

Hyacinth in the Snow