Father/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Alternate Activity

My husband and 7-year-old daughter were invited to a dance at a local church on Valentine's Day. She was beside herself with delight. It sounded like an amazing opportunity to me. Father/daughter relationships are important and we've never been invited to this type of event before. Because we usually do activities all together as a … Continue reading Father/Daughter Dance & Mother/Son Alternate Activity

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ to all 100 Followers!

Happy Valentine's Day and thank y'all so much for following our Camp Fire displacement adventure! I'm honored that 100 people have found my blog interesting enough to follow! It's a great joy for us to share our journey with you. I've found writing and photography to be very therapeutic and it means the world to … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ to all 100 Followers!

Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

I recently read a great, short article on gift giving by tidying expert Marie Kondo (see link below). Choosing Gifts That Spark Joy It's only a few weeks until Valentines Day. Here are some fun gift ideas for a variety of ages and budgets. Edible gifts from Sohnrey Family Foods Health & Beauty gifts from … Continue reading Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

100th Day of Homeschool 📝

Happy 100th Day of school everyone! We haven't celebrated this day in the past and we had a lot of fun! I did a Google search for 100th day of school celebration ideas and let each kiddo choose one favorite idea. We found so many fun ideas that we celebrated for 2 days. We just … Continue reading 100th Day of Homeschool 📝

Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

I was in the mood for a celebration, so we planned a fun Lunar New Year family party. We included books, movies, games and food inspired by China. We read these books: We watched this movie: Disney Nature Born in China available on Disney+ We watched these TV shows: Curious George: season 9 episode 5 … Continue reading Happy Lunar New Year 🧧

Gathering Great Goals for 2020

My friends, LR from Returning to Paradise and JF from Of Progress and Purpose have inspired me to think about, write down, and share my new goals for 2020. So far, I had come up with one New Year's resolution: to read one grown-up book per month.  Then I saw LR's Goals for 2020 and I remembered … Continue reading Gathering Great Goals for 2020

The Story of Ferdinand – Five in a Row Christmas Ornament

I did not come up with this adorable idea. Our friends, the North family, from North Carolina made this for the Five in a Row ornament swap in 2016. I made a very similar ornament for a friend of mine. First, collect 4 corks per ornament. My next-door neighbor just happened to bring over a giant … Continue reading The Story of Ferdinand – Five in a Row Christmas Ornament

The Snowy Day – Before Five in a Row Christmas Ornament

I got a post-Christmas burst of creativity and started making replacement Five in a Row ornaments. This is the first of several instructional posts. Nothing like poorly timed creativity. Why didn't this hit me in November? Oh well, I'll enjoy these on the tree next year! This ornament was super easy. I found "indoor snowballs" … Continue reading The Snowy Day – Before Five in a Row Christmas Ornament

Wordless Wednesday – Happy New Year! 🥳