Christmas Menus 2017

Merry Christmas! In an effort to create traditions for my nuclear family that combine those of my childhood with those of my husband's it seems like we should have some standard holiday menus.  I'm afraid that every year, we ask the same question, "What are we going to eat for ________ (insert holiday) breakfast/lunch/dinner?  It … Continue reading Christmas Menus 2017

Kid’s Hand Print Ornament

I told my husband that this would be the last year that I ask him to help me make our giant Dollar Tree Christmas ornament balls for all of our grand-folk.  That's 3 total ornaments + 3 hand prints per ornament = 9 opportunities for disaster!  I made the first ornament for Snickerdoodle's first Christmas … Continue reading Kid’s Hand Print Ornament

Co-worker Christmas Gifts

Today I took the kiddos to visit daddy at work and drop off gifts to daddy's co-workers.  It took me awhile to come up with something to give everyone that was 1) not too expensive, 2) healthy, 3) appropriate for men and women, 4) personalized without getting something different for each person and 5) masculine-ish … Continue reading Co-worker Christmas Gifts