Blog Break

Hi friends! I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m taking a blogging break for a bit. I hope to pick up blogging again in the future. Until then, seize the day, take risks, think critically, be kind, spread love, and most of all enjoy the great outdoors and the people you love!

Grape Crush 🍇

We had a grape crush party in our backyard this past weekend. The only thing sweeter than picking your own food straight from the garden, is having friends brave enough to indulge in my eccentric ideas of what constitutes a good dinner party! A big “thank you for being so awesome” to the L family … Continue reading Grape Crush 🍇

The Mountains are Calling and We Must Go – to McCall, Idaho

Frequently named one of the most beautiful small towns in Idaho, after visiting McCall overnight, I have to say that I couldn’t agree more! This fabulous tourist destination sits next to Payette Lake, which is stunningly beautiful, even with the smoky sky. Pondorosa State Park is here in McCall as well. We took the kiddos … Continue reading The Mountains are Calling and We Must Go – to McCall, Idaho

Buddies, and Bears, and a Brewery, Oh My! – Boise, Idaho

We just got back home from a long road trip to visit our friends, who recently moved to Idaho. Our week was filled with adventures and catching up with great friends! Boise is a super-cool city; it’s exceptionally clean, the traffic isn’t bad at all, and there’s lots to do. We tried to time our … Continue reading Buddies, and Bears, and a Brewery, Oh My! – Boise, Idaho

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

AQI = 29 in our neck of suburbia! Heavens to Betty, I’m so excited for a blue sky!

Memory Verse Monday

We took the summer off from most of our schoolwork (except to catch up on math & spelling). Now that we’re back-to-homeschool we have reinstated our weekly Bible verse for memorization. This week we are learning: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52 I like to … Continue reading Memory Verse Monday

Battery Point Light – Crescent City, California

I just love lighthouses. In fact, I’ve never met a lighthouse that I didn’t fall instantly head-over-heels for. Battery Point Light in Crescent City, California was no exception. You aren’t going to believe this, but the only way to access this lighthouse is by foot, via a hidden underwater passageway which is only revealed at … Continue reading Battery Point Light – Crescent City, California