May Snow & Fancy Bananas

We woke up to a snow dusted yard this morning (5/3/22). Bah humbug! front yard view backyard view I decided to make fancy bananas for a breakfast treat. Simply unwrap the ripe banana, lay it on a plate, slice it into discs, top with a generous amount of whipped cream and dust with cinnamon sugar. … Continue reading May Snow & Fancy Bananas

Selling at a Homeschool Curriculum Sale

Against my husband’s better judgement, and at the very last minute, I decided to sign up for a table at a nearby “Annual Homeschool Curriculum Sale”. The table was $20 to reserve with the promise of a full refund just for showing up at the scheduled day and time. The kiddos were ecstatic, because they’re … Continue reading Selling at a Homeschool Curriculum Sale

Knitting Loom – Wordless Wednesday

Thrifted Yarn & Basket – Wordless Wednesday

Hyacinth in the Snow

Hyacinth in the Rain

National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Wordless Wednesday

Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

This wildlife refuge was a bit disappointing as the “wetland” was completely bone dry. It just wasn’t very pretty or well maintained in appearance. We saw red-winged blackbirds, peregrine falcon, a pair of sandhill crane, 2 pairs of Canada geese, magpies, and a pair of pronghorn. All in all it was not a wasted trip, … Continue reading Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

Thrifted Yarn & Basket – Wordless Wednesday

Knit Purl Heal A psychiatrist uses knitting to help patients heal from trauma Knitting the brain back together