Cheyenne Botanic Gardens – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope you enjoy my photos from the indoor section of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. First Floor Here's a short video clip of the Koi fish by my dad. They are really more beautiful swimming around than in the still photograph. Second Floor Third Floor Thank you for following our … Continue reading Cheyenne Botanic Gardens – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Monument RV Resort – Fruita, Colorado

Grand Junction, CO is the eastern point of Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway and we visited frequently the last 2 weeks while we were staying in Fruita. Fruita is right next to Grand Junction. I can't believe that we accidentally drove almost the entire dinosaur diamond! What a crazy haphazard adventure we are on! B clonked … Continue reading Monument RV Resort – Fruita, Colorado