Kids Summer Schedule, Coconut 🥥 Macaroons, and Lemon Pound Cake

My good friend LT recently shared this adorable summer schedule from: Somewhat Simple Isn't it just the cutest thing? I'm so excited to use it this summer! For "What's cooking Wednesday" last week, my kiddos made coconut macaroons. We used this recipe from: Taste of Home It was a simple recipe that my 3 kiddos … Continue reading Kids Summer Schedule, Coconut 🥥 Macaroons, and Lemon Pound Cake

How to Prepare for a Wildfire Evacuation

With all the active wildfires burning in California right now, and 2-3 months left of wildfire season, I decided to offer my thoughts on wildfire preparation. Some of you know that we are survivors of the 2018 Paradise Camp Fire. We lost our home in that fire and almost everything we owned. So, in such … Continue reading How to Prepare for a Wildfire Evacuation

Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

So, I skipped a couple months of my 2020 Goal to read one grown-up book per month. I’m getting back in the saddle this month. I’m in the mood for a nice, light, entertaining book to finish off the summer before school starts. I feel like we’ve been really busy lately... I unpacked a bunch … Continue reading Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shadows

This week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. If you would like to participate please visit her site for the rules. These photo challenges are lots of fun! This week’s theme is particularly interesting to me because of my background in Christianity & Psychology. Sandy states that: “More times than … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shadows

Family Room Renovation

We recently bought a home built in 1978. We are so excited that we were able to do some renovations to our new home before we moved into it. The first room that I’m able to show you is the family room. It is adjacent to the kitchen and dinette with access to the backyard … Continue reading Family Room Renovation

Pomegranates Baby!

We had a really fun opportunity this week to see pomegranates beginning to grow on a tree in the side yard at our rental house. We are still waiting on new flooring at our new house… It’s just been one hiccup after another… Perhaps we will move in by the end of June... Anyways, while … Continue reading Pomegranates Baby!

Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

One of our first projects in our new home is to repaint the entire interior. The current paint is all white and begging for a fresh coat. There’s lots of this type of thing going on We’ve repainted home interiors 2x before and we’ve been very happy with Sherwin Williams paint. In the past, we … Continue reading Home Improvement – Choosing Paint Colors

Grown-up Book of the Month (May 2020)

I’m still working on Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks from last month. I’m adding a new book this month too, Homebody by Joanna Gains. If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you know that we’re doing a little remodeling on our new home and I’m hoping that this month’s book is going to … Continue reading Grown-up Book of the Month (May 2020)

Do We Have What it Takes to Take on a Fixer-Upper?

We just bought our 5th home in 12 years of marriage! Four of our homes were “fixer-uppers”. We really don’t intend on buying “fixers”, or buying and selling houses so often. It’s just always worked out that way for some reason or another. For anyone who doesn’t know, we lost our home in the Paradise … Continue reading Do We Have What it Takes to Take on a Fixer-Upper?