Happy New Year Charcuterie – Wordless Wednesday

Christmas Tree Charcuterie – Wordless Wednesday

I found inspiration for this in the book, “Beautiful Boards” by Maegan Brown. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Avocado Naan Recipe

My husband and I are kind of obsessed with this super-easy, semi-healthy snack/meal lately. It’s a lunchtime staple because it’s so quick, filling and luxurious. It make me feel like I’m getting something from a posh little cafe when we’re in between reducing fractions and reading aloud. It’s inspired by a dish we often order … Continue reading Avocado Naan Recipe

Double Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Brownies (from a boxed mix)

These double dark chocolate blood orange brownies are super easy and really delicious. You will be surprised how the orange flavor comes through with just two simple substitutions using the recipe on the back of the box. Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownies All you have to do is substitute the 1/4 cup of water with … Continue reading Double Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Brownies (from a boxed mix)

Apple 🍏 Coffee Cake Recipe

My sister and I had this recipe book when we were kids, Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book. My mom still had it in her house before the Camp Fire. One of my favorite recipes is in this book, "Apple-nut Coffee Cake".  I recently remembered that I really like this coffee cake and … Continue reading Apple 🍏 Coffee Cake Recipe

Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe

Here is my favorite go-to recipe for banana bread. This quick bread is great for breakfast, brunch, tea-time or an after-school snack. My husband and 3 kiddos love it too. It just smells so good baking in the oven, it warms the whole house up with happiness. If you're having a bad day or the … Continue reading Banana 🍌 Bread Recipe

Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Recipe

We have pasta for dinner every Friday evening in our house. It's one of our Sabbath traditions. We look forward to this dinner each week. Last Friday, I wanted to make it a little extra special by making Alfredo sauce from scratch. I just had to make a few adjustments and create this creamy pumpkin … Continue reading Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Recipe