Mandarin Orange Segment – Wordless Wednesday


The past week has been very difficult. It has been made very clear to us that we are hated simply because we are from California. I’ve never been the victim of hate speech and bigotry before moving from California to Idaho. It’s been getting worse and worse since we moved here a year ago. This … Continue reading Bigotry

Fresh California Citrus

pomelo, grapefruit, (back row left to right) Meyer lemon, naval orange, blood orange, (middle row left to right) mandarin orange (front center) We moved to Idaho in September 2021. I miss the California weather and the delicious produce that is a product of that warm weather. A recent visit to California (January 2022) brought us … Continue reading Fresh California Citrus

Southbound Skyway Sunset – Wordless Wednesday

California Acrostic

Can’t it be they way it was? Almost, but not quite Loving a place isn’t enough I wish it was Future —- unpredictable Or is it clear as day? Red flames and yellow-gray smoke make it hard to see clearly Never want to say goodbye Instead I’ll say Au revoir…

Boyden Cavern – Sequoia National Forest – California

On our drive to the bottom of King’s Canyon, we stumbled upon a turn out marked “Boyden Cavern”. We wanted a little leg stretch so we took the exit and noticed a sign reading “tours”. Unbeknownst to us, guided tours were being offered every half hour for $15/adult and $10/kids over age 5. We were … Continue reading Boyden Cavern – Sequoia National Forest – California

King’s Canyon National Park – California

You won’t believe this, but we recently accidentally stumbled across the perfect Christmas in July thing… I know it’s August now but we did this trip in July so it still counts. Did you know that “the Nation’s Christmas Tree” is the General Grant tree in King’s Canyon National Park? General Grant - The Nation’s … Continue reading King’s Canyon National Park – California

U-Pick Cherries 🍒 Stagecoach Lane Ranch – Oroville, California

We went cherry picking on Memorial weekend at Stagecoach Lane Ranch in Oroville, California. The u-pick ranch is operated by wonderful people and the fruit is so delicious. We met up with our friends from Returning to Paradise and had a delightful time harvesting together. It was a day of old-fashioned family fun at its … Continue reading U-Pick Cherries 🍒 Stagecoach Lane Ranch – Oroville, California

End of Homeschool Year Recap 2021

Today’s post is all about evaluating what things worked well for our homeschool last year. Here is my Homeschool Plan 2020-2021 (written in August 2020) for reference. I’ll start with the good news. Here’s what seemed to work pretty well: Seatwork - Math Lessons for a Living Education, Evan Moor Daily Spelling Skills, A Reason … Continue reading End of Homeschool Year Recap 2021