Onwards and Northwards – San Benito RV Resort

We're leaving San Benito RV and Camping Resort today and headed North again. We were spoiled by Sam's Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs so this campground had some big cons for me. The laundry facility was almost 1/2 mile from our site. Too far to lug bags of laundry, so we had to drive … Continue reading Onwards and Northwards – San Benito RV Resort

Monterey Bay Aquarium

We really enjoyed our flexible field trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday (thanks again to South Sutter Charter School)! Here is our trip in photos: Moon jellies! Just like in the book, "Night of the Moonjellies", by Mark Shasha. Too cool! 😎 What was the best part? Why? S (age 9): "The Sevengill shark. Because … Continue reading Monterey Bay Aquarium