Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Unusual

This week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from Amanda at Something to Ponder About. If you would like to participate please visit her site for the rules. These photo challenges are lots of fun!

The challenge this week is to post photographs that have captured something usual. Amanda has several examples of strange things that have shown up in some of her photos. Personally, I don’t recall ever capturing anything particularly unusual in any of my photographic efforts, but I did find one throwback photo from 2007 or 2008 to share for the challenge.

Before we had kids, we lived in Monterey, California and we loved to do the whale watching tours. I pieced together this photo with a very basic version of photoshop (2007-ish) and no knowledge about how to use the program. I used the photo for our Christmas cards that year. We never saw this many whales this close to the boat! lol 😂 Getting a real photo like the one below would be very unusual.

Photoshop Humpback Whales – Monterey Bay

If you ever find yourself near Monterey, California, we highly recommend the whale watching tours and a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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