Happy Father’s Day! & We Sold the Winnebago!

In honor of Father’s Day, I’ll begin this post with something that my dad recently told me, “the 2 best days of owning a recreational vehicle [be it a boat, motorcycle, or class A motor home] are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.”

1982 – my parents, my younger sister and me

Today the new owners had a very happy day and so did we! That being said, it is difficult to sell something that you have a strong emotional attachment to. Part of you knows it’s time to let go and start a new chapter but another part of you wants to hold on to whatever the thing you are letting go of represents. Sometimes, I wish I knew what the future holds for my family. Will we get another RV? Will we travel as much as I want to? Will we ever live the simple life out on the open road again? There are many parts of the full-time RV lifestyle that I miss very much, and yet a part of me knows that for now, the best place to be is here, right where we’re at.

Here are some of the nuts and bolts of selling the rig. After listing our RV on Craigslist ($5 per listing x 3 listings = $15), a broker at Pop’s RV and a broker at eBay Motors ($800) we finally matched with a buyer on RVTrader.com ($80). If we were going to sell another RV in the future we would start with RVTrader.com. My wonderful husband wanted to start there in the first place but I wanted to save money and use Craigslist. Unfortunately, Craigslist yielded lots of calls from dealers and brokers who wanted to buy it for trade-in value. We got fast-talked into listing with a broker on eBay and we’ll both admit that was a costly mistake. This was one of those times that I should’ve listened to my husband in the first place!

We are very grateful that our rig was the perfect fit for another family wanting to live in it full-time and see the USA coast to coast! I can imagine the many adventures and happy memories they will have in it together. It feels so much better to pass the baton to some great people than let the rig sit unused, or sell it to a dealership.

Happy trails to you C & K and kiddos! God bless you and keep you. I hope you have the time of your lives on your RV adventure!

An advertisement on the back of my Magnolia Journal magazine (issue no. 15)

❤️ Happy Father’s Day everyone! We hope you are able to enjoy your day with someone you love!

Here’s a few throwback photos of my husband with our babies (back when they were babies).

Baby #1
Baby #2
Baby #3

🚐 Have you bought or sold a recreational vehicle? How was your experience?

🚐 Have you tried out different types and sizes of RV’s? Which is your favorite?

15 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day! & We Sold the Winnebago!

  1. Congrats on the sale. That’s the way I felt when we bought and sold our first home. We don’t have an RV but we might rent want to do a road trip in the fall. We had planned to go to Spain but that’s not happening now so we might go to the great Smoky Mountains

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  2. Loved seeing all the baby faces! Your Dad…always a simple, yet profound wisdom. I really enjoy that about him. Happy Father’s Day, W Family!!! We sure miss you guys!!

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    1. Thank you Betty!
      I thought about suggesting that they start a blog but I didn’t want them to think I was stalking them! 🤣 I got into my own head and ended up not mentioning it.
      What size trailer, make & model do you have right now? Have you owned other RV’s in the past? I’m itching to look at class C’s!!

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      1. We have a 23 foot Forest River Micro Lite, Model 23FBKS. It is considered a couples trailer, and it has a murphy bed. It is perfect for us. We bought it new. We like a travel trailer because we like to unhook and have a vehicle available. Dan is 6’8″ tall, so we had to have something that he could stand up in. Class C’s are very nice, but we would always have to have tow something. Also, I’ve heard people say having a Class C is another engine to maintain. But everybody is different, so I can certainly see the appeal of a class C. They are beautiful! Years ago, my first husband and I had a popup. We bought it used from our neighbors and used it with our twin boys for maybe 3 years when they were about 14. A popup is very economical, but a ton of work. So, I am not doing that again! I wish you many happy times both in your new home and in your travels!

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      2. Alas, there are pros and cons to everything!
        Thank you for telling me about your experiences. We had a pop-up that was destroyed in the fire and I agree that they are a lot of work! I’m very unlikely to suggest getting another pop-up. I like my own toilet and shower when I go camping, ahem, excuse me, glamping!

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  3. Congratulations on the sale! I had listed my RV on RV Trader last year when I thought I had found a 5th wheel I loved. God has something else in mind. I’m 3 days on Trader I had 77 hits. A few more days after I had a gentleman ready to go to the bank~his wife decided it was bigger than what they wanted. We had sold one camper just from sitting it out in our neighborhood years ago. Beautiful Father’s Day pictures! I’m glad things are going your way! 🙏🏻💚

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