Onwards and Northwards – San Benito RV Resort, California

We’re leaving San Benito RV and Camping Resort today and headed North again. We were spoiled by Sam’s Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs so this campground had some big cons for me.

  1. The laundry facility was almost 1/2 mile from our site. Too far to lug bags of laundry, so we had to drive there.
  2. The water pressure was extra extra-low.
  3. They don’t accept mail from USPS (amazon) only Fedex and UPS.
  4. The pool was not heated and too cold for even the kiddos to swim in.
  5. There was no AT&T cell service.

We did appreciate the lower speed limit at San Benito and we didn’t feel like we needed Carl like we did at Sam’s. Btw: Carl is our fluorescent green child & puppy shaped “slow” sign. Say “hi” Carl.

I was delighted to find several interesting children’s picture books in the family lodge game room. Our fav was “There’s a Cow in the Road” by Reeve Lindbergh, who coincidentally, also wrote my favorite book about Johnny Appleseed.

Plus they had giant checkers and giant connect 4. I don’t know why giant table games are so much fun, I just know that they are!

The kiddos enjoyed watching the local wildlife.

We had a fun science class folding paper boats and racing them in the creek.

The drive out to Pinnacles looked like something out of a book by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The field trips that we went on near this location were exceptional. I posted separate blogs with details and photos of each one.

B (almost 5) gave us all the silliest nicknames while we were here, Doo-Doo (daddy), Moo-Moo (mommy), Soo-Soo (big brother), Koo-Koo (big sister), and himself Boo-Boo. Such a silly boy!

The day before we left we had an impromptu breakfast at Sun Coast Organic Farm in Hollister. They had a live Mariachi band and scrumptious baked goodies. This place is definitely worth a stop if you’re anywhere nearby.

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