Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit

On our first visit to Bend, we had an eye exam scheduled for S at Elemental Eyecare. I mentioned in a previous post, that making medical appointments is difficult when we are living a nomadic lifestyle (see How you doin’? - After 4 Months of RV Living). I called several eye doctors in Bend, and … Continue reading Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit

Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

As part of B's 5th birthday celebration, we visited Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. *Fun fact: Deschutes means "falls" in French. Like Fancy Nancy says, everything is fancier in French! B says, "I'm the guard of my birthday and we're not doing school or taking showers and daddy's not working on … Continue reading Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Bend-Sunriver RV Campground, Oregon

Today we are leaving Bend-Sunriver RV Campground and headed East. Lake Siskiyou is a tough act to follow. There are no sewer hookups here. That's bad. We shortened our stay from 3 weeks to one because it's just too inconvenient for us. Kudos to everyone who boondocks! We packed in some fun activities and hikes … Continue reading Bend-Sunriver RV Campground, Oregon