Happy New Year’s Eve! πŸŽ‰

As 2019 comes to an end, we want to say "Thank you" to everyone who follows or visits our blog! Blogging would be so boring without you! Thank you for bringing joy to our journey with your prayers, love and support! 2019 started off pretty rocky for our family. Our lives were turned upside down … Continue reading Happy New Year’s Eve! πŸŽ‰

House 🏑 Hunting With Your Spouse After a Natural Disaster

If you read some of our recent posts, you saw that we recently visited Bend, Oregon. The purpose of our trip was to look at real estate. House hunting is not my favorite thing to do. It always seems like the perfect house is sitting out there, just outside of our price cap... If only … Continue reading House 🏑 Hunting With Your Spouse After a Natural Disaster

Dutchman Flat Sno-Park ⛄️ – Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

When Wanoga Sno-Park ❄️ - Bend, Oregon didn't have enough snow to sled on Monday afternoon we headed further on up to Mt. Bachelor. Dutchman Flat Sno-Park is for snowmobiles and cross-country skiing, it is not designed for sledding but we had a marvelous time just the same!Β  Something about playing in the snow just … Continue reading Dutchman Flat Sno-Park ⛄️ – Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Old Mill District – Bend, Oregon – Looks Like Autumn πŸ‚

Walking around the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon we were fascinated by the prints left by wet leaves on the sidewalk. Here are photos of the walking path along the banks of the Deschutes River. We even found a few leaf piles to toss around after dinner. Thank you for following us! Happy Autumn … Continue reading Old Mill District – Bend, Oregon – Looks Like Autumn πŸ‚

The Brown Owl πŸ¦‰- Bend, Oregon

This was a quirky restaurant. It was more like a food truck outside a pub. We had to ask if we could take the kids inside because by looking at it from the outside we weren't sure that we could! S and B figured this tree was at least 70-years-old when it was cut down. … Continue reading The Brown Owl πŸ¦‰- Bend, Oregon

Wanoga Sno-Park ❄️ – Bend, Oregon

This past Sabbath we took the kiddos sledding.  We drove about 15 minutes into the mountains from Bend, Oregon to Wanoga Sno-Park.  There was a perfect sledding hill here.  Luckily Costco had put out their snow pants the day before and we found all the sizes we needed so everyone was appropriately suited up. This … Continue reading Wanoga Sno-Park ❄️ – Bend, Oregon

Miyagi Ramen 🍜 – Bend, Oregon

We visited Miyagi Ramen in Bend Oregon for lunch on two different days during our visit. The kiddos got free ninja headbands with a symbol that means "certain victory". To start, we ordered these Japanese buns with tempura mushrooms and plum and sriracha sauces on the side. We all got super-delicious ramen. I don't think … Continue reading Miyagi Ramen 🍜 – Bend, Oregon

Pumpkin πŸŽƒ Hats – Walk to Dinner – Bend, Oregon

My mom knit these pumpkin hats for the kiddos. We got lots of compliments while we were on a brisk autumn walk to dinner in Bend, Oregon.

RV Living Quarterly Report (June 2019) – Six Month Stats, Q&A, and Traveling Insights

We officially began living in our RV on December 14, 2018. It's our 6 month Winnebago anniversary today! That's right, any excuse for a cupcake! I do realize that I didn't write a quarterly report in March, (which would have been our 3 month Winnebago anniversary). I just hadn't felt up to blogging quite yet … Continue reading RV Living Quarterly Report (June 2019) – Six Month Stats, Q&A, and Traveling Insights

Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit

On our first visit to Bend, we had an eye exam scheduled for S at Elemental Eyecare. I mentioned in a previous post, that making medical appointments is difficult when we are living a nomadic lifestyle (see How you doin’? - After 4 Months of RV Living). I called several eye doctors in Bend, and … Continue reading Bend, Oregon – Spring Visit