Joseph Stewart State Recreation Area – Trail, Oregon

On July 1st we headed out for a vacation in Bend, OR - unforeseeably the road trip was taking significantly longer than anticipated plus we had to reroute. We made an unexpected layover at Joseph Stewart State Park. Thank goodness we found a first come, first served site for the night. Site A23 was really … Continue reading Joseph Stewart State Recreation Area – Trail, Oregon

Lake Siskiyou, California (2021)

Our youngest kiddo, age 7, requested a camping trip to Lake Siskiyou for his birthday this year. Happy Birthday B! We had a great weekend! Lake Siskiyou Campground is one of my most favorite camping places ever. Lake Siskiyou Campground The lake is so serene and Mt. Shasta in the backdrop is beautifully majestic. Lake … Continue reading Lake Siskiyou, California (2021)

10 Awesome Camping Activities for Kids

Fellow blogger, Betty, over at Chambers on the Road recently gave me the idea to write a post about camping activities for kids. Thanks for the great idea Betty! In our family history, we’ve gone from rare overnight camping once a year in a pop-up trailer, to living in a 35ft class A Winnebago (Blaze) … Continue reading 10 Awesome Camping Activities for Kids

Lake of the Springs (Thousand Trails) – Oregon House, California

Our monthly camping trip took us to a Thousand Trails spot we hadn’t been to before. Unfortunately, everything was closed due to COVID. Fires weren’t allowed and hanging up hammocks was against the rules too. Hmmm 🤔 The water faucet was missing from the faucet handle at our site but my husband had brought his … Continue reading Lake of the Springs (Thousand Trails) – Oregon House, California

Lake Siskiyou, California

Happy Mother's Day everyone! For the past few months the kiddos have been begging us to take them camping. Hmmm... camping... Camping!?! Wait just a minute now. Don't we live in an RV traveling between campgrounds? Are you kidding me!?! Aren't we camping right now? Apparently, the full-time RV lifestyle doesn't count as camping. Apparently, … Continue reading Lake Siskiyou, California