American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

Way back when we were in Mountain Home, Idaho (June 2019), K's most beloved doll, Camille, had a terrible accident and her leg completely broke off. As a general rule, we don't fix broken toys, we throw them away. American Girl dolls, are the exception. With all the loss these kiddos have endured this year, … Continue reading American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

Back-to-School in Our RV

We hope your new school year is off to a wonder-full start! I've taken back-to-school photos of my kiddos every year since S was 4-years-old. I used the same cardstock signs every year. It was our back-to-school tradition. As you can see in the photos below, we try not to take ourselves too seriously! 2014 … Continue reading Back-to-School in Our RV

Morning Time in Our RV

Happy first day of school everyone! If you're all done with school in your household, happy random Monday in the middle of August to you! If you already started school or haven't started yet, consider this wish belated or early! Today was the perfect time to add "morning time" back into our daily homeschool/road-school routine. … Continue reading Morning Time in Our RV

Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado

My younger sister recently moved from the Bay Area, California to Colorado and we were excited to meet up with her at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. This aquarium is much smaller than Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a little pricey for the size, but the exhibits were interesting and we spent about an hour … Continue reading Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park – Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake – Estes Park, Colorado

Our Sabbath day trip this week was to Rocky Mountain National Park. This is the 7th National Park we have visited on our displacement adventure. We ❤️ National Parks! We were in desperate need of Sabbath rest today. We have had a stressful week. Everyone has those weeks sometimes. We have found that observing a … Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park – Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake – Estes Park, Colorado

Monument RV Resort – Fruita, Colorado

Grand Junction, CO is the eastern point of Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway and we visited frequently the last 2 weeks while we were staying in Fruita. Fruita is right next to Grand Junction. I can't believe that we accidentally drove almost the entire dinosaur diamond! What a crazy haphazard adventure we are on! B clonked … Continue reading Monument RV Resort – Fruita, Colorado

Canyon View Park – Grand Junction, Colorado

We met up with some great friends from UT, at this awesome playground on Wednesday (8/07/19). We went back again today (8/10/19) because it was so much fun. I hope you are blessed to have some friends like these ones. We hadn't seen them in four years, and we picked up without missing a beat. … Continue reading Canyon View Park – Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado National Monument – Fruita, Colorado

We took advantage of cooler weather Thursday (8/01/19) afternoon to visit Colorado National Monument. I was excited to see a tunnel cut right through the mountain. It was awesome driving through the mountain. What a great tunnel! There were actually three tunnels but I only snagged photos of one of them. You get the idea. … Continue reading Colorado National Monument – Fruita, Colorado

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – Colorado

We decided to do a day trip to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It was a bit of a drive but we were close enough that we just couldn't pass it up. Upon entering the park, the ranger checking our annual park pass greeted us with an enthusiastic, "Well hi-de ho there adventurers!" … Continue reading Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – Colorado

Candle Kitchen – Grand Junction, Colorado

The kids and I just had to check out Candle Kitchen in Grand Junction, CO to create our own personalized scented soy candles. This was such a fun and unique experience! If you're ever in the area, we highly recommend it. There were over 100 different scents to sample. Each kiddo took a mini clipboard … Continue reading Candle Kitchen – Grand Junction, Colorado