AB Campground RV Park – Cheyenne, Wyoming

We had a nice spot at this RV park, there was shade, a picnic table and it was close to the laundromat (which unfortunately, wasn't super clean). There was a BBQ diner on-site with a small, yet tasty menu. The kids had fun at the on-site playground. This is the highest elevation we have stayed … Continue reading AB Campground RV Park – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

There are 25 Big Boots in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We found and photographed 15 of them for you. S really wanted to find all 25. In the end, we just ran outta time! I like boots, I like unique artwork, and I like scavenger hunts. This project was lots of fun for us! I hope you … Continue reading Big Boots 👢 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Memory Verse Monday

Hi there everyone! I know that it's Tuesday today, and this post is a day late. I've been having a really tough time the past few days, and I slacked on school yesterday. E and I are feeling like we'd really like to settle down and move into a regular house and start rebuilding a … Continue reading Memory Verse Monday

Terry Bison Ranch – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Train Ride + Bison = What are we waiting for? *Please be advised that bison are wild animals. Always keep a very safe distance from them if you see them in the wild. As we've seen recently in the news, they can be quite aggressive and potentially dangerous. The bison pictured below are ranch-raised bison. … Continue reading Terry Bison Ranch – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Paul Smith Children’s Village & Lion’s Park Treehouse – Cheyenne, Wyoming

E had to work this weekend because of hurricane Dorian potentially causing problems for the company he works for. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this storm. While E spent Sunday behind his "desk" in the passenger seat of our Winnebago, my folks, the kiddos and I went playground hopping all over … Continue reading Paul Smith Children’s Village & Lion’s Park Treehouse – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne Botanic Gardens – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope you enjoy my photos from the indoor section of the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. First Floor Here's a short video clip of the Koi fish by my dad. They are really more beautiful swimming around than in the still photograph. Second Floor Third Floor Thank you for following our … Continue reading Cheyenne Botanic Gardens – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Curt Gowdy State Park – Wyoming

Wyoming is high prairie with rolling hills of tall grass that ripple in the wind. It looks like something from a Laura Ingalls Wilder Book. We have actually seen antelope playing in Wyoming but I didn't get a photo yet... maybe we will see more next week... 🎶 "Oh give me a home, where the … Continue reading Curt Gowdy State Park – Wyoming

🍩 The Donut Shop On Central – Cheyenne, Wyoming

I am beyond thrilled to be homeschooling with South Sutter Charter School right now. We are able to homeschool with them because we currently claim residency in Paradise, California. We still own a piece of property there and we haven't officially relocated yet. The kiddos have spent the past week completing iReady diagnostic testing for … Continue reading 🍩 The Donut Shop On Central – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Riverview RV Park – Loveland, Colorado

When we drove from Fruita, CO to Loveland, CO. We hit our highest elevation yet, driving through Vail Pass at 10,660 ft. We decided to visit Loveland, CO based on the recommendation of some dear friends from Paradise, CA who had lived here when their kids were little. Thanks for the tip G.C. & D.C.! … Continue reading Riverview RV Park – Loveland, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Trail & Colorado Cherry 🍒 Company & Jeep Jaunt – Colorado

Feature image by E. We wanted to make a 2nd trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, because we got rained out last Saturday on our first trip, Rocky Mountain National Park - Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake - Estes Park, Colorado. We decided to stop at Colorado Cherry Company on the way there. … Continue reading Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Trail & Colorado Cherry 🍒 Company & Jeep Jaunt – Colorado