Pit Stop

In a strange twist of fate, we headed back to California. This is something that we never would have predicted ten months ago, or even 10 weeks ago!

The past 9 and a half months on the road, traveling around the Western USA, have been amazing! We are so blessed to have been able to see so many amazing places, do such amazing things, and meet incredible people.

There are several things that also make living in our 35-ft Winnebago quite difficult. 

  • It is not an ideal working environment for E, and that’s putting it lightly!
  • We feel like the kiddos would really benefit from having more stability at this time.
  • Stuff keeps breaking on the rig, most recently, the AC/heater and several electrical outlets are out.

We decided to take the RV back to for servicing (oil change, etc…) and to fix the broken stuff (AC and electric outlets) where we bought it because it’s still under warranty. When we called the place where we bought it, they couldn’t fit us in until the end of October! Heavens to Betty, that’s quite a wait!

After looking at real estate in NV, CO, WY, and CA, and making a couple of offers on houses that didn’t work out, we started looking for places to rent month-to-month.  We ended up finding a nice house in a nice area with a 4-month lease. We are hoping to re-group and figure out our next steps in the upcoming months.

Needless to say, I will keep you posted about our plans. Thank you so much for following our displacement adventure! It’s a blessing to have you along for the ride!



7 thoughts on “Pit Stop

      1. We certainly have a lot of
        laundry 🧺
        laundry 🧺
        laundry 🧺
        I was always a little envious of the cute retired couples doing their one load of laundry per week in the RV park laundromats!

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