Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah

Per the suggestion of our traveling friends, The Rookie Roadsters, we couldn’t resist scheduling a chocolate factory tour at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s.

Our first stop on our tour was where the candy makers dip chocolates by hand, just like they did when the store first opened back in 1964.

Next, we watched a video about how chocolate is made. Did you know that cocoa beans were once used as currency by Aztec and Mayan civilizations? After the video, we sampled an unsweetened morsel of pure cocoa. It tasted kind of like a coffee bean. Luckily, we were then given a nicely sweetened, tasty chocolate disc chaser.

There were lots of funny quotes on the walls.

If you haven’t read, Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory, by Margaret and H.A. Rey, we highly recommend it.

This tour was just like the tour in the book. They even have Curious George stuffed animals hanging around the factory.

Here’s the head chef working on milk chocolate covered pretzels after they come through the enrobing machine. The enrobing machine covers things, like pretzels or caramels, with a “robe” of chocolate.

All the unique swirls, stripes and designs on the tops of the chocolates indicate what’s inside. They are all done by hand!

Our tour guide took free chocolate backdrop photos of everyone in the tour group.

After the tour, we created our very own, custom 1lb box of chocolates. There were lots of delicious varieties to choose from.

We got 5 of each flavor: lemon creme, raspberry creme, orange creme, cava-gnaw peanut clusters, Brittanys, and mint sandwiches.

I have a sneaking suspicion that 1lb isn’t going to last very long…

The best part is that Mrs. Cavanaugh’s can ship chocolates nationwide! You can order a box online.

So no matter where we happen to be, I can always get a box of these chocolates for Valentines Day! [hint, hint] 💕

9 thoughts on “Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. I have been waiting for this post! The curious George’s are like hidden mickeys, how fun! Plus the entire part of getting chocolate. What a tasty field trip! Once we took the kids to Morley Chocolates (kind of similar) by our house when they were in pre-school and that was fun, I still remember it and asked my daughter just now and she remembers too!

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      1. I know me too, I thought she would say no, but it does seem all this work, fun we do with them, it pays off. I must admit my children are really incredible adults well young adults 21 21 and 23 with still a teenager of 16 girl turning into wonderful people

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