Silver City RV Resort – Minden, Nevada

This RV resort was packed tight and full to the brim. We didn’t mind a bit since there were no shield-backed katydids here! In case you forgot, this is a shield-backed katydid, about 3 inches long.

You can read more about those in, New Frontier RV Park – Winnemucca, Nevada.

The kiddos busted out of our home-on-wheels, and ran shrieking for joy to the playground. The playground is located next to the laundromat. Genius! Thank you Silver City RV Resort. This is, seriously, the best playground placement ever! Besides the playground, and tetherball, there was a covered pool to play in and enjoy.

The weather was pleasant and breezy. The staff members were warm, smiling and extremely helpful. The laundry facility was excellent. There was lots of convenient shopping nearby. What a lovely place to visit! We even got to play in the sprinklers while doing the laundry one day.

The front office/showers/laundry/hair salon had false front to look like an old-fashioned western town. It was perfect timing to go with our read-aloud book, Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Located near Carson City, Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe we found plenty of nearby attractions to entertain us this week.

We had such a nice stay here. I particularly enjoyed the convenient shopping. I was able to stock up on some essential (& non-essential) items. I completed a super-quick and super-easy Winnebago living room upgrade that I’ve just gotta show you.

Here’s before:

And here’s after:

I think I’ll title this, “The Easiest Remodel Ever”. I bought a throw blanket (50 inches x 60 inches) and 2 pillows at Marshall’s. They really made a big difference. The whole rig feels warmer and much more comfy-cozy. The woven blanket with chenille stripes and rope tassels was $20, and the burlap and rope “love” pillows were $17 each. I should have done this months ago! S announced the big remodel to Daddy, saying, “We’re making the RV like a real home!”

Here’s the after-photo-shoot after just to keep it real for y’all:

Our last day here, E completed the 35 mile Carson City Off-Road (mountain bike race). The course was re-routed due to snow, and ended up being 41 miles! Yay E! The route started at the Nevada State Capital building, climbed 4,610 ft into the Sierra Nevada mountainside and made a giant loop which ended back at the Capital building. E completed the race in just over 5 hours, and had to fix a flat tire about a mile from the finish line.

E’s new ink! Just kidding, it’s a temporary tattoo from the race sponsors. The racers could use it to help them pace themselves. It shows the ascents, descents, first aid stations and food/hydration stations.

Here’s E at the start, middle and finish of the race. Every rider who completed the ride within the time constraints received an engraved railroad spike as a souvenir.

Fun fact: This is the 3rd State Capital we have visited since we began our RV adventure (Sacramento, CA, Boise, ID, and Carson City, NV).

We are looking forward to our next destination: Family Camp! They tell us that there is no cell service at Family Camp. Wish me luck with that! If you are headed to Family Camp too, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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