Kings Beach State Recreation Area – Lake Tahoe, California

We really enjoyed kayaking on Lake Siskiyou, California, and we just couldn’t resist another kayaking excursion on Lake Tahoe.

We were thrilled to find a parking spot at Kings Beach and rented 2 double kayaks at “Adrift Tahoe”. The staff was amazing, super-helpful, and friendly. It was cool and windy which made kayaking on the lake more work, more wet, and with more waves. The water was so clear, we could see the bottom at 20 ft deep. We had a blast and didn’t stay out on the water too long.

E and I hadn’t planned well for the cool temps and ended up buying souvenir shirts at the rental shop before we hit the water. Luckily, we keep the kiddos Columbia fleece jackets stored in the Jeep (just in case). I’m enjoying replacing my wardrobe piece by piece this way. I should’ve been showing you my wardrobe replacement finds all along. This hip-length tunic top is super lightweight, with long sleeves and a hood. Plus, navy blue is a good color to go with my grey hair.

After working up an appetite we really wanted a beach picnic. We really didn’t plan this day trip very well. We were feeling opportunistic, and some really wonderful opportunities presented themselves. Per the recommendation of the great staff at “Adrift Tahoe”, we got deli sandwiches at “Tahoe Central Market” and played on the beach. The warm sand felt so good after that cold water!

After we got a bit too much sun we walked to “Tahoe Time Fro Yo and Ice Cream”. What a cool little restaurant. Each order comes with one free topping from the topping bar. The spoons changed color from yellow to green when they got cold. How cool is that!?! Hyper-color spoons, I need these at our next bday party.

The outdoor patio seating was fantastic, complete with hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, tricycles, chainsaw carved bears, *jazzminton, painted stepping stones and a giant connect four game. This sweet outdoor set-up, practically insisted that we relax, and stay to play awhile.

*Jazminton is like a combination of ping pong and badminton without a net. We had never heard of it before. It looks like you can get a set on

We stumbled upon a house for sale (fully furnished) at Incline Village and decided to take a quick little peek at it. It was the first time we had looked at real estate since the Camp Fire. It was a cute little fixer-upper and, as with anything, had its pros and cons. We didn’t make an offer but it was fun to look and imagine ourselves living in it.

Our last stop before heading home to the RV, was a vista point to enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Tahoe. This was a really beautiful day and we are always so grateful when we are blessed with a day like this. All the glory goes to God! We are well aware, than even on our best planned days there are no guarantees that things will turn out beautifully. Days like today, remind us of God’s love and of His supreme control over our lives. Hallelujah! He’s got the whole world in His hands.

(panoramic photo by E)

We hope you have a chance to make some fun summer memories as soon as possible! We recommend that they include a water activity, followed by ice cream. Until then, thank you for following us!

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