Lake Siskiyou, California

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

For the past few months the kiddos have been begging us to take them camping. Hmmm… camping… Camping!?! Wait just a minute now. Don’t we live in an RV traveling between campgrounds? Are you kidding me!?! Aren’t we camping right now?

Apparently, the full-time RV lifestyle doesn’t count as camping. Apparently, in order for it to be considered “real” camping there must be s’mores and sleeping bags and hotdogs and campfires.

We spent the past week at beautiful Lake Siskiyou, California. Camping, for real, kind of. Perhaps “glamping” would be a more accurate word to use. We didn’t have a tent, or sleeping bags but we were loaded up with plenty of marshmallows and Big Franks.

What a view! Camp at Lake Siskiyou, it’s the best! For real, if you haven’t already made summer camping plans I highly recommend this place.

You can rent kayaks or paddle boards at the beach. In the peak summer season (starts Memorial Day), there are giant inflatables in the Splash Zone to climb and play on.

We rented 2 double kayaks on Thursday and Friday afternoon and had paddling lessons for P.E.

We ruined the serene quiet by playing Can You Canoe by The Okee Dokee Brothers at full volume. We couldn’t resist!

We observed the local wildlife for zoology class.

There is just no good reason for wild animals to be this close to my picnic table. Yikes critters, shoo! I’m sure that you all know the #1 rule regarding wild animals; Don’t feed them! Seriously, squirrels are really at lot less cute when they run up this close to you begging for scraps. Speaking of squirrels, here’s a fun camping book for kids called Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt. The squirrels we saw were definitely not scared!

Check out my other Camping Books for Kids suggestions.

Full disclosure, camping is a lot more fun for me with access to my own private shower and a kitchen sink (even though it’s a tiny one). Of course, I was raised on tent camping and nobody from my neck of the woods is going to count staying in a 35 ft “tiny house” as “real” camping.

To wrap up our week of camping, we planned a last-minute, surprise visit with some friends from Paradise. We all had a great time catching up, and cooking around the campfire. It was so fun to watch the kiddos playing hide and seek together last night. They even managed to build a fort this morning before we had to hit the road! Poor K, she wanted a lot more time with her “BFF”! We are really looking forward to our next visit!

I have got to tell you all about a s’mores secret I stumbled upon a few years ago. S’mores are even more delicious if you use Ghirardelli squares for the chocolate part. I got a variety pack with mint, raspberry, and caramel fillings, plus plain dark chocolate. They fit perfectly in the graham crackers and really elevate the dish.

Wow, my kiddos need haircuts! Why didn’t any of you say anything? How did I not notice until I uploaded those photos. Heavens to Betty! I’m putting haircuts on the agenda for the next stop. We are on our way there right now… *Here’s a hint, we’re continuing to trek North.

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💐 What was the best part of your Mother’s Day weekend?

Thanks for following us, and happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

8 thoughts on “Lake Siskiyou, California

  1. Omgoodness I loved this post . What a great find and the kayaks yes!! We too have felt like we wanted to “camp” so we’ve been doing fires and we even let the kids buy tents to replace the flooded ones and they slept in it next to woody haha . I love that area you went to though for real – inflatables in summer and all . Love it !!!! We also bought an inflatable kayak and hope to find more and more places to use it 🙂 more examples of our paralleling lives isntnit ? Haha

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to work for the California Conservation Corps and we did some rehab and trail maintenance in that area. Was a great time in my life but now I live in Sweden. Sure miss California. (These parts anyway ;-D) Have a good one!


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