The City of Mount Shasta, California – Spring Visit

A few days ago, while we were “glamping” at Lake Siskiyou we went out to breakfast at “Yaks Koffee & Eatery“, in The City of Mount Shasta, California. It was good food. Really, really good!

Inside, none of the furniture matched but somehow it all “worked” together to create an instantly welcoming atmosphere. All of the larger tables had a chess-set centerpiece. I think every table had an up-cycled glass pickle jar full of fresh flowers. Our table had lilacs and they smelled amazing. The food/beverage “Pick-up” counter was tiled with pennies. I think more things should be tiled with pennies.

I recently showed the kids how to move chess pieces on the board and they are very serious about it.

We got the kiddos a “Grizzly Beary” smoothie and split a “Vegan Everything” bagel sandwich (avocado, tomato, onion, basil, spinach, “power greens”, and pesto). We opted for the Cheddar & Asiago bagel because we’re not really vegan. Haha.

After our super-delicious breakfast, we visited the headwaters of the Sacramento River located in Mount Shasta City Park.

There was a sign posted that says the water has not been tested, and to “drink at your own risk”. It’s pure glacier water, filtered through miles of volcanic rock. My dad says, “It’s the best water on earth!” We saw several locals filling up huge bottles of water. So… here goes nothing… cheers!

Have you ever grown your own food in a garden? Have you ever taken your kiddos to a farm to pick blueberries, or cherries, or mandarin oranges? If you have, then you can imagine the excitement of getting your own water out of a natural spring!

After gathering our drinking water for the day, we made dandelion wishes.

Then we saw the biggest climbing dome that we’d ever seen in our lives! It was Daddy-sized!

Since “Yaks Koffee & Eatery” was so tasty for breakfast, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at “Yaks on the 5” a few miles away in Dunsmuir, California.

The eclectic decor was unique and extremely interesting.

As I was eyeing the vintage jewelry hanging from all the windows, they brought out a complimentary sticky bun appetizer. This place starts with free dessert!?! Yes, please!

Next up, house cut fries with lavender-ketchup and Asiago-ranch dipping sauces. Yes, we could taste the lavender in the ketchup and yes, it was delicious.

Now for the main course, a “Va Va Voom” burger loaded with sautรฉed mushrooms. E and I split a burger and they brought us each a generous slider-sized burger with garlic fries.

The server brought out “Scott’s Tots” to the table next to ours. The couple eating them was nice enough to offer E a bite when they noticed him looking hungrily at their meal. That’s right folks, we ask complete strangers if we can try their food! Lol, try not to sit by us in a restaurant!

The owner/server was so sweet! Turns out, she’s a veteran homeschooling mama herself. She said she’d always wanted to roadschool with her kiddos across the USA. It’s always such a blessing to meet veteran homeschoolers. Especially when they tell homeschooling newbies (like me), that it’s all gonna be okay! After we chatted for a bit, she gave us a generous sample of “Scott’s Tots”, on the house. These were so good.

Never fear, my vegetarian & vegan friends, I’m almost sure I can come up with a vegan variation. I promise I’ll work on it! We left with full tummies and happy hearts.

I hope you get a chance to visit this gem in Northern California sometime soon. Until then, Heavens to Betty, here’s a City of Mount Shasta quiz for you!

Would you rather:

a.) Play a game of chess

b.) Try mountain spring water “at your own risk”

c.) Make a dandelion wish

d.) Play on a giant climbing dome

e.) Eat at Yaks

Leave your answer in the comments below to receive your score. ๐Ÿ˜‰

13 thoughts on “The City of Mount Shasta, California – Spring Visit

  1. Well Iโ€™ve already had Mt shasta spring water from the source and I already play chess so I guess Iโ€™d go for climbing the big dome!

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  2. Making dandelion wishes is always a fun activity. Although the other activities all look like fun too. ( I really just want to know what your analysis is of this chosen activity ! Miss you all. Muga


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