Kings Canyon Waterfall – Carson City, Nevada

We haven’t been on a hike in awhile and a Google search of “hiking for kids” in this area recommended Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail. It was 0.3 mile in and 0.3 mile out. That was really all K could handle today so it worked out pretty well. We got to ford a creek to get closer to the falls and everyone enjoyed tromping across the rocks through the cold water.

Well… almost everyone. I’ve found that fruit flavored Tic Tac’s are pretty good motivators. 😉

It was pretty crowded when we visited and there wasn’t much room at the falls. Some fun-loving 20-year-olds were having an awesome photo shoot, taking turns standing directly under the falls and B thought it looked like a great idea!

After we hiked back down to the Jeep, and changed our soggy socks and shoes, we decided to take a 4×4 service road to the upper falls.

When we reached the trailhead it was marked 1.8 miles to the upper falls. B was halfway asleep, K was super cranky, and everyone’s shoes and socks were soaked from fording the creek earlier. So, we skipped the hike to the upper falls. It was a fun, 3 mile, 4×4 drive anyways!

On the way back to the RV, we decided to drive by some more real estate properties that E saw on Zillow. Unfortunately, that was pretty depressing. We should’ve ended on the high note of the hike to the falls. Looking at properties, just made us miss our house in Paradise. Major Bummer! Wah, wah, wah. E redeemed the afternoon with a 20+ mile bike ride while the kids and I tackled a mountain of laundry and played at the RV park playground.

We hope you will get to check out some fun hikes where you are sometime soon! Until next time, thanks for following our displacement adventure!

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