Mountain Home RV Resort, Idaho

Happy Father’s Day!

E took the sunrise photo. I’m so blessed to have such a hard-working husband who gets up early to work while I stay in bed snuggling with my kiddos! I’m such a lucky mama! Poor E, he is spending his Father’s Day driving to our next destination. Plus, the poor man’s been fighting the flu all week too. Ugh.

If our last several RV spots were like camping (Bend-Sunriver RV Campground, Lake Siskiyou, San Benito RV Resort), this one was the cutest little suburban subdivision. Each site had a paved driveway, a strip of green grass and 2 trees. It was adorable. The laundry facility was second only to the one at Sam’s Family Spa.

They had a nice playground on site, and the kiddos had a great time riding bikes.

There is a saltwater pool here. One of the benefits to homeschooling is that we could hit the pool while everyone else was at school/work. It was heated to the perfect temperature.

I loved the clouds reflected in this mud puddle.

Mountain Home is a small town in southern Idaho, about 45 minutes East of Boise. We were able to do several day trips to attractions in the surrounding area.

We also enjoyed exploring the small town of Mountain Home, ID. We liked eating at Smokey Mountain Pizzeria Grill. The kids got to make their own pizza, which was so fun! There’s nothing better than DIY pizza that mama doesn’t have to prep or clean up!

E and I ordered 4 appetizers from the happy hour menu and pretended it was tapas. The “Brie Kisses”, with boysenberry-jalapeño jam were delicious. Someone get me this recipe!

We really enjoyed making penny wishes on the Penny Wishing Wall. If you read, The City of Mount Shasta, you know how I feel about penny art!

The penny wall is located in an alley, called “The Community Canvas”. It’s filled with murals. Check out this amazing artwork. I like the Phoenix rising with the quote from Rumi. Which is your favorite mural?

The mural below is made up of little photographs and supposedly, Waldo is in there somewhere…

The kiddos had fun posing on this historic bike statue, made with parts from the 1920s.

When the kiddos and I stopped at the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store, to get a new DVD for our upcoming drive, we were also looking for a potential Little Free Library container. S found a medium size vintage suitcase. When he opened it up, I saw this.

It is an old sewing machine. But, it’s not just any old sewing machine. Obviously, I wouldn’t be putting it in this blog if it was just any old sewing machine. This, is a vintage 1978 Viking Husqvarna model 64 40 sewing machine, made in Sweden. It is, in fact, the exact same model as the sewing machine my mother gave me several years ago. The very same model, that she bought in Massachusetts before I was born. Of course, I am beyond excited about it. After the Camp Fire, I never thought, in a million years, that I would ever be able to replace it. Of course, I knew I could get another sewing machine. But I never thought, I could ever find, this sewing machine. Hallelujah! God can do anything! Now I just need to find somewhere to have it tuned up and see if it still works… “Thank you” to whoever donated it! Let’s all remember to donate stuff we’re not using; you never know who might be absolutely delighted with it!

Exploring and photographing Mountain Home, ID made me feel nostalgic about Paradise, CA. I wish I’d taken photos of all the great little restaurants, parks, and interesting places in my own, small-town home, before the Camp Fire destroyed so much of it. Small towns will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for following our displacement adventure. I hope that this post inspires you to go out, explore, and photograph wherever you are!

Happy Father’s Day to everyone! And btw, we are headed South today…

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