Idaho Botanical Gardens – Boise, Idaho

We took advantage of clear skies towards Boise and visited the Idaho Botanical Garden. It is located right next to the Old Idaho Penitentiary which made for some interesting juxtaposition. (btw, I’m so excited that I just used the word juxtaposition in my blog!!)

The gardens were divided into themed sections. We visited in slightly off-season so not everything was in bloom and unfortunately I didn’t get photos in every section. We have 3 kiddos after all, we can’t get all the photos that mama wants!

English Garden

Children’s Garden

Meditation Garden (with a gong to ring, lol)

Firewise Garden (good to know)

Rose Garden

Photo by K (age 6)

Lewis & Clark Garden

Photo of me by E

Before heading back to the RV we grabbed a coffee and a cookie from Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters. The counters had the coolest mosaic artwork on them. Look at the detailed pieces of broken pottery and buttons. Amazing.

It wouldn’t be Memorial weekend without a home improvement project. Here’s the new “office door”. You can see the old one in, How you doin’? – After 4 Months of RV Living.

I made the new curtain out of a 6 x 9 drop cloth from Home Depot. After I washed and dried it, I cut it in half and punched a few holes in the top to hang it on Command hooks. I got the idea to use a drop cloth from an interior design book on my aunt N.M’s coffee table in Palm Desert, CA. The book suggested that Home Depot drop cloths, once washed and dried resemble raw linen. They are a lovely contrast to all the smooth plastic in the Winnebago. I’m quite pleased with the result.

The themed gardens at Idaho Botanical Garden reminds me of a super-fun board game, Imaginiff…”. Unfortunately, it looks like maybe it’s been discontinued. I’ll have to look for it on eBay or at a thrift store.

So, imagine if you were a garden… which garden theme would you be?

a.) Firewise Garden

b.) Lewis & Clark Garden

c.) Native Plant Garden

d.) Vegetable Garden

e.) Meditation Garden

f.) Children’s Garden

g.) Herb Garden

h.) Rose Garden

i.) English Garden

2 thoughts on “Idaho Botanical Gardens – Boise, Idaho

  1. I’m an…English rose garden around a children’s vegetable garden 😉 if I have to pick just one…the children’s garden.

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