Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho

Finally, we’re having a sunny weekend with no storms looming in the distance. We were able to check out Thousand Springs State Park near Hagerman, Idaho. This state park is made up of 5 units. We managed to visit 4 out of 5 on our waterfall hunt yesterday. The adventure was mostly driving, with very little walking. It was 80 degrees outside, and it felt hotter than that in the sun. It was a treat that there wasn’t more hiking to see all these awesome waterfalls.

Stop #1. Niagara Springs & Crystal Lake

The kiddos each earned a Junior Ranger badge here. Idaho has Junior Ranger programs at most of the state parks. They had the nice wooden ones we like so much too.

Niagara Springs made me think of the Bible stories where Moses strikes rocks with his staff and water comes gushing out of the rocks. Seeing the waterfalls pouring out from the rocky sides of the canyon I could just imagine Moses up there with his staff. See Exodus 17 & Numbers 20 to find out which time he was supposed to hit the rock and which time he was supposed to speak to the rock.

(photo by E, That was an Easy Hike)

(photo by E, They Saw a Bug)

S wanted to fish for minnows.

Stop #2. Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs

(panoramic photo by E)

The water was so clear we could see rocks in the bottom of the pools. The light and dark colors in the pools is light and dark colored sand. It was an amazing view from above.

Stop #3. Ritter Island

Stop #4. Malad Gorge – Devil’s Washbowl

As it turns out, I’m afraid of heights. I can barely take a photo at an overlook, because I’m afraid I’m going to drop my phone! If you zoom in on the photo above, you can see the bridge we walked across. Its a metal bridge, the color of rust. It’s right next to the freeway, and we could feel it vibrating when the big rigs went by. Yikes!! E wanted to get photos on the bridge, but I just wanted to get across it, onto solid ground as fast as possible. How can you think of photos at a time like this!?! I didn’t wait to snap a selfie, and made him double back for it after the kids and I were across.

We are looking forward to checking out a couple of other state parks in Idaho. So stayed tuned folks…

Thanks for following our adventures!

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