(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Ice Rose

This photo was taken by my Brother-in-law last Tuesday 9/8/20 in Denver, CO.

American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

Way back when we were in Mountain Home, Idaho (June 2019), K's most beloved doll, Camille, had a terrible accident and her leg completely broke off. As a general rule, we don't fix broken toys, we throw them away. American Girl dolls, are the exception. With all the loss these kiddos have endured this year, … Continue reading American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado

My younger sister recently moved from the Bay Area, California to Colorado and we were excited to meet up with her at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. This aquarium is much smaller than Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a little pricey for the size, but the exhibits were interesting and we spent about an hour … Continue reading Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado