American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

Way back when we were in Mountain Home, Idaho (June 2019), K’s most beloved doll, Camille, had a terrible accident and her leg completely broke off. As a general rule, we don’t fix broken toys, we throw them away. American Girl dolls, are the exception. With all the loss these kiddos have endured this year, I decided to send Camille to the American Girl “doll hospital”. Yes, I know, I know, it’s pretty ridiculous. K was absolutely delighted! She helped me fill out the admitting form and get Camille all prepped for “surgery”. We taped up her box and sent her away in her cardboard “ambulance”.

About a week later I received an email from the American Girl doll hospital to let us know that Camille had been admitted.

K was thrilled, and went immediately to report to Daddy.

About a week later my dad received notification that Camille would arrive shortly. Btw, that’s how we get some of our mail, my parents get our mail from a PO Box and send it to us. Thanks Dad & Mom! Aren’t they just the best!?!

When my parents met up with us in Reno, Nevada (July 2019), they brought Camille and delivered her to K. The doll arrived in a box decorated with a band aid, she was dressed in a hospital gown and socks. A get-well card and discharge paper were included. A broken toy has never been so much fun! K was overjoyed with the whole process.

Visiting The American Girl store for K’s 7th birthday was an obvious choice. My younger sister, affectionately known as Kiki, joined us in this fun shopping trip. K was allowed to choose a birthday gift from us and and 2 more gifts from Aunt Kiki & Uncle J.

Heavens to Betty! My mom sent a wardrobe of clothes for Camille. Check out the cute crocheted dress in the photo below.

There was so much to choose from at the American Girl store. Some of my favorite displays were Kaya in her teepee, Maryellen in her Airstream, and Luciana in her space station. What a history lesson!

K wanted to get Camille’s hair done at the doll styling salon. The stylist was super sweet and really made the whole experience so much fun. K chose the “waterfall” style with blue ribbons. I wish I could do that!

The customer service in the store was exceptional. K was wearing a birthday button from Walmart and all the sales associates noticed and wished her a happy birthday! One of the sales associates brought K two Wellie Wisher craft kits. They are doll-sized fox masks that matched the fox hat K was wearing. The craft kits are something that are included when you have a Wellie Wishers themed birthday party in the store. It was really thoughtful of the sales associate to give them to K on her birthday!

If you have girls who like American Girl dolls & books, we highly recommend visiting your nearest American Girl store. The American Girl store in Denver, CO is one of the smaller stores and doesn’t have its own cafe like some of the larger stores have. K decided on The Cheesecake Factory for her birthday meal. Of course, Camille and K’s new girl, Willa joined us for the celebration.

4 thoughts on “American Girl Store – Denver, Colorado

  1. It looks like K thoroughly enjoyed her birthday. She will remember the day fondly forever. We are glad you got to spend time with Kiki, and include her in the festivities. Sorry we missed it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to K. Love to you all. Muga

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