Jenny Lake & Hidden Falls – Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming


While visiting Grand Teton National Park, I really wanted to go check out Jenny Lake. For those of you that know me well, this was the obvious destination choice! Besides that, another mom at swimming lessons had recommended it after I complimented her Grand Teton t-shirt and told her we were headed there and had never been before. She was right, it was a great choice for our one day in the park.

Jenny Lake

We decided to take the ferry boat across the lake (1 mile), hike 1/2 mile to Hidden Falls and then hike 2.5 miles back to the visitor center. Purchasing round trip ferry tickets would’ve been the other option. The ferry was not cheap! Adults were $20 each round-trip or $12 each one-way. Kids were $12 each round-trip or $10 each one-way. There was also a round-trip family pass for $60 that included 2 adults and their children.

crystal clear glacier water
passing a returning ferry boat
a marmot right at the trailhead
Cascade Creek
recently broken tree
Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls wasn’t very well named. It is an extremely popular destination and was thus, very crowded. From up on the hillside I managed a photo with all the people barely below the shot. It was one of those “stand-in line-to-get-your-photo-op” situations and luckily all the tourists there at the time we very courteous.

Hidden Falls video
beautiful Jenny Lake

The hike back to the visitor center was a bit more technical than we had anticipated. The crowds and frequent stopping to navigate around other groups made it even more difficult. Also, the elevation is 6,783 feet which is pretty high up and makes any activity just a bit more tiring. So, we rewarded ourselves with some souvenirs when we made it back! Whew!

And so concludes our adventures in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

Thanks for reading friends!

We hope you are able to enjoy the great outdoors near you this summer!

6 thoughts on “Jenny Lake & Hidden Falls – Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

  1. Oh, I just love this so much. Your faces say it all! Hiking to Jenny Lake was a memory I’ll forever hold in my heart ❤️. I think you and your family are so precious and just my kind of people!!

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