Colter Bay RV Park – Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

6/10/22 – 6/12/22

We took a quick weekend getaway to Grand Teton National Park. We left after work on Friday, and we had to check out Sunday morning, so we just got one full day in the park to explore. On the drive there, we saw several unique moose crossing statues but no live moose.

We stayed at the Colter Bay RV Park which boasted full hookups, and pull through sites with picnic tables. The sites were a little close together, but we still got that great woodsy feel that makes camping – camping!

Site 409 A
Colter Bay was pretty low and dry

After setting up the trailer & grabbing some Junior Ranger workbooks, we made an exciting discovery: Zapada Western Glacier Stoneflies were in abundance. Some us were more excited about them than others. Some of us wanted full bee keeper gear. Some of us wanted to go home! They are considered a “threatened” species, but there didn’t seem to be any shortage of them at Colter Bay. We tried pretending that they were little Tinkerbell fairies and we were very grateful that they are completely harmless and do not bite or sting. These special flying insects live only in glacier streams, and until recently were thought to only be found in Glacier National Park. They have only recently been identified at Teton National Park. uw-leads-research-that-finds-western-glacier-stoneflies-in-new-wyoming-locations. No offense to the Park Ranger we asked about them, but they are definitely not locusts as he suspected. Sometimes you gotta do your own research!

about 2 inches long

Entomology lesson complete, we headed back to the trailer, left those Z-flies outside, played some Uno, and planned for our next day’s adventure…

Jenny Lake & Hidden Falls – Teton National Park – Wyoming

we 💚 camping

5 thoughts on “Colter Bay RV Park – Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming

  1. Two inches is pretty long! I wonder if any spray (like vanilla) would keep them away. We’ve been told a vanilla spray will keep gnats away. We have reservations for 4 nights at Colter Bay. I am not surprised the sites are close together. What are those wood platforms on the ground in your feature photo?

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