Battery Point Light – Crescent City, California

I just love lighthouses. In fact, I’ve never met a lighthouse that I didn’t fall instantly head-over-heels for. Battery Point Light in Crescent City, California was no exception. You aren’t going to believe this, but the only way to access this lighthouse is by foot, via a hidden underwater passageway which is only revealed at low tide. That’s right, a hidden passageway only revealed at low tide!! How insanely cool is that!?! Maybe I’m a bit of a lighthouse nerd, but I’ll go ahead and answer that question, it is so insanely cool! If you squint your eyes, look really closely at the horizon and use your imagination, you can almost see the pirate ships and swashbuckling sailors battling it out in the distance.

At high tide the lighthouse sits atop an island. At low tide you can walk through a maze of tide pools to reach the lighthouse.

love the white paint with dark green trim

Unfortunately, tours inside the lighthouse were canceled due to Covid-19. There are keeper talks outdoors on the hour, but unfortunately we missed that too.

Here’s where you can almost see the pirate ships… squint and use your imagination!

Once we’d wandered around the lighthouse grounds for a bit, we took the path back to the mainland. My 8-year-old daughter said that she didn’t want to go tidepooling that day and she didn’t feel safe on the rocks. Fellow blogger, Esther, over at Sing Like Wildflowers had recently shared a tidepooling accident story with me and I decided that I was not going to push it. Hopping around on wet, slippery rocks is really not something that anyone should be doing if they “don’t feel like it”. K and I took a close-up look at the smaller tide pools just along the path and found tiny fishes, crabs, and snails. My husband took the boys further out on the rocks and found anemones and starfish/sea stars.

green anemone
starfish aka sea stars
green anemone

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If you are a lighthouse nerd like me, here is one more lighthouse post to check out. Plus, there is a list of our favorite lighthouse themed picture books for kids at the end.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

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  1. Very nice! You visit the neatest places. We had some friends who were volunteer “lighthouse keepers.” They volunteered at a lighthouse in northern Michigan. Perhaps someday you will be a lighthouse keeper! Enjoy your travels, and stay safe!

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