“Dryveway Camping” – Crescent City, California 2-Day Itinerary

Another week of unhealthy air quality spurred us on to another weekend getaway. This time we traveled to Crescent City, California and “dry camped” in the driveway of some favorite relatives.

Crescent City is a small coastal town near the California/Oregon boarder. It is surrounded by natural beauty and is delightfully off the beaten path. Outdoor activities abound to entertain people of all ages. Of course, I’m probably a little biased because next to my home town of Paradise, California this place holds many of my fondest childhood memories. It was a joy to share some of these magical places with my children in an area that has not been devastated by wildfire as Paradise was.

If you ever have the opportunity to spend 2 days here, we highly recommend the following activities:

Trees of Mystery
South Beach
Stout Grove Trail to Smith river access
Battery point Lighthouse
Chart Room restaurant & sea lions in the harbor

Stay tuned for more photos and details about our adventures in Crescent City, California…

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