AB Campground RV Park – Cheyenne, Wyoming

We had a nice spot at this RV park, there was shade, a picnic table and it was close to the laundromat (which unfortunately, wasn’t super clean). There was a BBQ diner on-site with a small, yet tasty menu. The kids had fun at the on-site playground. This is the highest elevation we have stayed at yet, at 6062 feet above sea level.

We found 3 ping pong paddles & a ball at Goodwill, and I couldn’t resist adding to our sports equipment collection. We made our own makeshift ping pong practice table. Never mind that B is wearing K’s hot-pink, flip-sequin sweatshirt. It was windy, and that was the closest article of clothing with sleeves that he could find. He wasn’t about to delay ping pong to find his own jacket. Priorities!

We had so much fun exploring Cheyenne, the capitol city of Wyoming. Here’s the capitol building:

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We had another minor flooding incident, when our budget-quality hose busted off of the spigot, and management came knocking on our door. I opened the door, to find our rig sitting in 3 inches of water. Yowzers! Of course, E had just left for a bike ride, and I know nothing of hoses and spigots. The nice man from management helped fix the issue, while I apologized profusely, and promised to buy better quality equipment in the future. If you are thinking of living in your RV, please do not buy the cheapest hose at Walmart to use for attaching the outdoor water spigot to the water tank on your RV.

Another minor repair involved removing 2 cabinet doors, buying wood filler at Home Depot, filling the screw holes where the hinges screw into the cabinets, and reattaching the cabinet doors. The past 8 months of opening and closing cabinets on a daily basis had stripped the screws from the “wood”. I’m thinking that the cabinets are made of particle board covered with laminate. They just aren’t made to be used so often.

Then there was the other minor water problem when S yelled that the fridge was leaking water all over the floor. What?!? As it turned out, the water was actually leaking from the ice maker in the freezer. It could have been because, I might have accidentally tried to cram too much stuff into the freezer. It’s possible that some of the food packaging may have somehow jammed up against some sort of water lever or something. I’m really not quite sure though. 😬

FYI: If you happen to visit Cheyenne, WY on the first Friday of the month, they test the tornado sirens at noon! Just so ya know! Apparently I’m a little hypersensitive to alarms.

Here’s one last look at a herd of bison. Bye bye bison!

We finally decided that we are heading west today… stay tuned for our next adventure! Thank you, so much, for following us!

6 thoughts on “AB Campground RV Park – Cheyenne, Wyoming

  1. FYI- We had the cabinet door problem in our house. After filling the screw hole with carpenters glue, I put several toothpicks in it; broke them off; then assembled everything while the glue was still wet. Voile 🙂

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