Paul Smith Children’s Village & Lion’s Park Treehouse – Cheyenne, Wyoming

E had to work this weekend because of hurricane Dorian potentially causing problems for the company he works for. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this storm.

While E spent Sunday behind his “desk” in the passenger seat of our Winnebago, my folks, the kiddos and I went playground hopping all over Cheyenne.

Two of our favorite spots, were the Lion’s Park Treehouse and the Paul Smith Children’s Village.

Here’s Lion’s Park Treehouse:

There were about 10 of these plaques with facts about different animals and impressions of that animal’s tracks leading up to the sign posts. I decided to show you the squirrel one because of our current family joke: “Our decision making abilities resemble those of a squirrel crossing the road.” Poor squirrels! 🐿

Here’s Paul Smith Children’s Village:

Turning this giant drill bit brought water up from the pond. Awesome! Science ✔️

This floating bridge was on ropes and the kiddos could pull themselves across to the other side. Science ✔️✔️

Here is an old-fashioned water pump just like the one my mom used at her grandmother’s house. History/Science ✔️

What a great day exploring beautiful Cheyenne, Wyoming! This is one of my favorite places that we have visited so far. There are so many amazing parks here. It’s really a wonderful place. We hope you get the chance to chillax in Cheyenne sometime soon. Until then have some fun photographing flowers wherever you are!

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