Terry Bison Ranch – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Train Ride + Bison = What are we waiting for?

*Please be advised that bison are wild animals. Always keep a very safe distance from them if you see them in the wild. As we’ve seen recently in the news, they can be quite aggressive and potentially dangerous. The bison pictured below are ranch-raised bison. Our excursion was highly structured and supervised by a bison expert.

Here’s our zoology lesson for the day. Bison and buffalo are not the same animal.


Now, without further ado, here is Terry Bison Ranch:

We bought our train tickets in the trading post and found the biggest jackalope we’ve ever seen in our lives. It was so big the kiddos could ride on it! Check out this song about a jackalope by The Okee Dokee Brothers for more about jackalopes.

The kiddos have been wanting coon skin hats ever since we started this adventure last November. I have no idea why. Well, we finally found some and K even found one in pink! My dad had the idea to use portrait mode, with stage lighting, on my iPhone, for these faux coon skin cap photos.

We walked around the grounds a bit to see some of the other farm animals on the ranch. There were chickens, turkeys, and peacocks.

There were lots of cats around, this one was our favorite. His name is Mr. Butter.

The train tickets were $14 for adults and $7 for kids 4-12. All aboard!

We saw several different animals on the train ride.


A dancing ostrich. E got this awesome shot with iPhone’s Live Photo option.


The Prairie dogs were pretty far away, I needed a better camera to get a good photo of them.

At last, we came to the herd of bison.

Our tour guide stopped the train and warned us before feeding that “the bison have 10-inch long tongues, that feel like 50 grit sand paper, and they have a tendency to slobber. Have fun folks!”

Terry Bison Ranch boasts the only privately-owned, interstate railroad in North America! Some of the ranch is in Colorado and some of it is in Wyoming. The train ride crosses the state boarder.

Before we left the ranch, I couldn’t resist some more DIY old-time photos. I did some others in Ely KOA Journey & Northern Nevada Railway Museum – Ely, Nevada. Maybe someday, I’ll actually make it into one of those old-time portrait studios for full costumes.

We recommend the Terry Bison Ranch train ride as our top choice for activities in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a very unique and incredible experience to see bison up close and feed them!

*Again, this excursion was highly structured and supervised, with ranch-raised bison. Wild bison can be aggressive and dangerous. Please remember to keep a safe distance from all wild animals and never feed them.

Here’s a good picture book about bison, even though the author calls them buffalo.

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