Minor Flooding

We had a bit of minor flooding in the RV on Friday afternoon. Yikes! Long story short, E replaced the water filter between the outdoor faucet and the hose going to the RV sinks. Then he turned on all the sinks (kitchen, 1/2 bath & master bath) to flush the filter. Someone (we don’t know who) closed the 1/2 bathroom door. E forgot to turn off that sink. About 15-20 minutes later a stream of water came pouring towards me creating a series of miniature rapids as it meandered through scattered LEGO bricks strewn all over the living/dining/kitchen room floor. E called out “Don’t worry, it’s just the gray water overflowing” as I managed to soak it up using every single towel we own! 🤪

Saturday afternoon we found out that the water had continued it’s decent into outdoor storage bay #1A. Incidentally, that’s the storage bay we are using as a food pantry. Luckily, E had put everything into plastic storage bins from Costco so nothing was damaged.

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