Rocky Mountain National Park – Bear Lake Trail & Colorado Cherry 🍒 Company & Jeep Jaunt – Colorado

Feature image by E.

We wanted to make a 2nd trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, because we got rained out last Saturday on our first trip, Rocky Mountain National Park – Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake – Estes Park, Colorado.

We decided to stop at Colorado Cherry Company on the way there. They were all sold out of cherry jam, which is what I went in for. They did have 3 different flavors of cherry juice. I didn’t know 3 different flavors of cherry juice existed. We ended up purchasing Bing cherry juice, cherry salt water taffy, dark chocolate covered cherries, cherry butter, chokecherry jam and a cherry pie pocket. Cherry is one of my most favorite flavors. This place is so smart to offer free samples. If you’re headed up highway 34 on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park, we definitely recommend stopping in here!

After we enjoyed our cherry pie pocket treat, we were loading up in the Jeep and we noticed a Jeep caravan driving up highway 34. We just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to join the procession. Later, we learned that we were in the Townsquare Media’s Jeep Jaunt 2019, raising awareness for suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255

We rolled down the windows and the kiddos waved to everyone we passed. We were the very last Jeep in the parade! So fun!!

We arrived at Rocky Mountain National Park and snuck right into the annual pass holder lane, avoiding some of the entry traffic. We took a chance, and drove to the Bear Lake trailhead parking lot, even though the sign indicated that it was full. You just never know, someone might be leaving just as you are coming in. We found a parking space and hiked 1.2 miles around the lake. It truly was a storybook setting.

We passed a couple taking engagement photos. Then they passed us while we watched a chipmunk. Then we found one of their photo props that had accidentally fallen by the wayside. Much to the embarrassment of our children, we borrowed the photo prop for a quick picture before returning it to the happy couple.

After our hike, the kiddos got their Junior Ranger badges.

Since we participated in the Jeep Jaunt today, I want to end this post with some suicide prevention resources:

If you, or anyone you know is thinking of harming themselves, please call the national suicide prevention hotline below.


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