Rocky Mountain National Park – Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake – Estes Park, Colorado

Our Sabbath day trip this week was to Rocky Mountain National Park. This is the 7th National Park we have visited on our displacement adventure. We ❤️ National Parks!

We were in desperate need of Sabbath rest today. We have had a stressful week. Everyone has those weeks sometimes. We have found that observing a Sabbath day of rest is immensely helpful for us. We look forward to it each week. It’s a day that looks and feels different from the other days of the week. We try and do something peaceful and fun together as a family. We try not to run errands or drive the RV. I try not to work on this blog (obviously, I’m working on this blog right now, so you can see that some Sabbath rests go better than others!).

Lately, we have been taking the day to visit a nearby National Park. Being in nature together as a family helps us feel God’s presence in a tangible way. Some of our other Sabbath traditions are: pasta dinner with candles on the table Friday evening and Pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning.

We drove up towards the park and noticed the clouds in the distance but didn’t think much of them.

We started our visit at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, where we snagged Junior Ranger workbooks and asked the rangers for activity suggestions. We highly recommend starting your trip to National Parks by stopping in at the Visitor Center. The rangers are usually very helpful.

K’s been needing a new hat for awhile now. We got her a white one way back when we were staying at Sam’s Family Spa and it’s a total mess. I would never recommend buying a white hat. I would definitely recommend buying a sleeping fox hat! So cute!

Per the suggestion of the park ranger, we headed to Lily Lake for a short hike. Those clouds we’d noticed earlier, were nearer and darker now. By the time we got to the trailhead, it was pouring rain.

Of course, we hadn’t thought to bring jackets, hats, umbrellas or rain boots. We did happen to have an extra t-shirt and a windshield sun shade in the Jeep… Sure thing, I’m sure those’ll be just as good. Our short hike was even shorter. Due to the weather, we just hopped out of the Jeep for a quick photo shoot.

We hope this post inspires you to take a Sabbath day of rest each week to focus on God. I can’t promise things will always go as planned or even go smoothly but it will certainly be an adventure!

I recommend this book if you’d like to read more about Sabbath rest. This book is written by Jewish Senator, Joe Lieberman. He provides detailed examples of Jewish Sabbath traditions and ideas on how to incorporate some elements of these traditions into your lifestyle.

Shabbat Shalom – May your day of rest restore you to wholeness!

Post Script: we hope to make another trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in sunnier weather… stay tuned folks!

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2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain National Park – Beaver Meadows Visitor Center & Lily Lake – Estes Park, Colorado

  1. My favorite photo in this post is the one of the impending rain puddle splash which you captured just as B was fulfilling his puddle stomping activity of the moment. So like him!!!! Love you. Muga

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