Riverview RV Park – Loveland, Colorado

When we drove from Fruita, CO to Loveland, CO. We hit our highest elevation yet, driving through Vail Pass at 10,660 ft. We decided to visit Loveland, CO based on the recommendation of some dear friends from Paradise, CA who had lived here when their kids were little. Thanks for the tip G.C. & D.C.! It was a great place to visit because it’s very beautiful and because there is so much to do in the surrounding area.

  • Salt & Light Learning – Loveland, Colorado. This used book store and used homeschool curriculum store is my mothership calling me home!

There was so much to do in this area, that we didn’t have a chance to do everything. We will have to visit again soon!

It was refreshing to see that this RV park had grass and trees. It felt more like camping and less like a parking lot. Plus, we really like the little privacy fences that make your space feel a bit more like it’s just yours.

My big complaint, is that I ruined half a load of dark clothes in the washing machine because someone else had used bleach in it. Argh!!! The kicker is, I purposely didn’t use the washing machine at Ely KOA Journey because it smelled like bleach! This machine passed my smell test, but all the black t-shirts and cotton things are ruined. Major bummer! If you are considering living in an RV and you are making a list of pros and cons, add this to the cons list!

On the plus side, we saw a double rainbow one day after a storm. I just love this visual reminder of God’s promise, don’t you? There’s nothing quite like seeing a rainbow after a storm to remind me of God’s love in all circumstances, especially the stormy times in life. The past 8 months have been a series of metaphorical storms and rainbows for our family. Here in Loveland, CO we saw a visual reminder of our metaphor. It was especially providential, because we saw this rainbow after a particularly difficult day. Everyone was feeling tired, cranky, upset, disappointed and frustrated. God must’ve known we needed a rainbow that evening, it truly lifted everyone’s spirts. I hope that this photo lifts your spirit if you’re in need of a reminder that God loves you!

We also saw a couple of toads. I had to look up the difference between frogs and toads to know that this little guy wasn’t just a frog. Here’s a quick science lesson on the difference between them.


I already found my Prince Charming, but if you want, you can kiss πŸ’‹ this toad and make a wish on this dandelion to try and find yours!

Last week, the water pump quit working. Argh! I’m so blessed to have a handy man onsite. E found a new pump for $100, and replaced It himself [insert applause here]. Using the water pump for showers significantly improves the water pressure. I need a morning shower the way some folks need a morning cup of coffee.

We finally decided, that today we will head North to Wyoming. We seriously have no idea what we are doing at this point in our adventure. We sincerely appreciate your prayers for our family! Specifically, our prayer requests are for wisdom, peace and patience.

Thank you for following us, it’s a blessing to our family to have you along for the ride. 🚍

4 thoughts on “Riverview RV Park – Loveland, Colorado

  1. Sounds like quite the adventure! I know what you mean about the shower, nobody ask me for anything until I’ve had my shower! Glad it’s fixed, prayers as you head north to Wyoming!

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