Leoni Meadows Family Camp – Grizzly Flats, California (part 2)

Continued from Leoni Meadows Family Camp – Grizzly Flats, California (part 1)

Wednesday 7/03/19:

After a yummy hot breakfast at the cafeteria, morning worship under the ponderosa pines, another go-cart ride and more archery practice, we headed to the climbing wall. The kiddos had a great time climbing and E completed the “junk yard” obstacle course.

We celebrated some friends’ birthdays before lunch with cupcakes and gemstone digging. Happy birthday C.R and E.R! We miss you!

After lunch we headed to the pond for paddle boats and canoeing. Our canoe trip ended abruptly when K saw a spider in the canoe, and E and I were fairly certain she was going to capsize us trying to get away from it. If you read, New Frontier RV Park, you know where she got her genetic predisposition to insect/arachnid avoidance. Moving along… after family rides, the kiddos wanted to go with their friends “all by themselves”. I was impressed with how well they managed the paddle boats. Great job kiddos! In the background you’ll see “the blob”, used to launch campers into the air, and a yellow water slide. It really was too chilly for us to swim in the pond though! A big Kudos to all the brave kiddos, mamas, and grandma that we watched go for a trip down the slide!

The colossal zip-line goes over the pond and after hearing other people go on it several times, E couldn’t resist and had to go check it out. Sorry we don’t have any photos of that for you. It’s a colossal zip-line, enough said. E also went to check out the challenge course (ropes course) and he completed all the challenges.

Supper this evening was a country fair complete with games, cotton candy, snow cones, bouncy obstacle course and face painting. After taking the paddle boats out on the pond alone the kiddos wanted to go to the fair all by themselves. They are just growing up so fast! I didn’t get many photos though…

Thursday 7/04/19:

After breakfast and worship we went for staff-led horse rides. Horse rides without being led by staff were available for ages 8+. We were planning to split up so S could try the ropes course, so we decided to do our first activity together.

After a horse ride, E took S to the ropes course while I took K and B to spend time with friends on the kiddie zip swing, climbing wall and touring our Winnebago.

Here are all three kiddos with K on the kiddie zip swing.

After lunch, E took the kiddos to the water balloon launch and crafts.

I headed off with a couple others moms to the colossal zip-line and ropes course. I think I did almost all of the challenges that S did!

Photo by S.W. (thanks for taking a photo to prove I did it!)

After supper we went to the 4th of July Rodeo. We watched the staff compete in horse riding challenges, sang The Star Spangled Banner, and the kiddos participated in a boys against girls tug of war game. No fireworks allowed due to fire danger. That’s fine with us!

To be continued…

Leoni Meadows Family Camp – Grizzly Flats, California (part 3)

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